Helping WalletJoy launch a personal finance platform

“The Rootstrap team was able to step up and provide strategic guidance. We ultimately decided to go with WordPress, and Rootstrap was able to readjust quickly and get us the talent that we needed.”

Zack Babin
Product Lead, WalletJoy

The challenge

WalletJoy lacked a website and the team to build one quickly. The client's developers had limited experience with frontend development and user experience, so the design process would take much longer than WalletJoy wanted to wait.

Key Objectives:

  • Refine and clarify brand direction, including determining target audience
  • Design website frontend that’s user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing
  • Expedite launch process with additional, highly qualified developers
  • Put together a final product that its internal team could maintain

What we did

Rootstrap worked with WalletJoy on extensive user testing throughout the website-building process. Countless interviews were conducted with members of the target audience to determine their largest pain points and how WalletJoy could solve them.

From this, they decided to focus their content on major life events that often strain people financially, such as weddings and childbirth. The site included lots of illustrations to put users at ease.

The needs of the project were constantly changing as the brand took shape. When WalletJoy chose WordPress for their backend, as their in-house team was strongest with that platform, Rootstrap had no problem pivoting to accommodate them.