Accessible 3D Modeling with iOS

The challenge

Remodeling can be lengthy and expensive for homeowners. Bildsy wanted to mitigate some of these challenges by making 3D renderings more accessible to homeowners, a process that would typically require specialized equipment. In partnership with Rootstrap, they devised a concept solution allowing customers to render a 3D model directly from their iOS devices,  giving homeowners more ownership and flexibility over the renovation process. Down the line, Bildsy could then make personalized design and material recommendations for furniture, fixtures, paint, and other cosmetic enhancements to upsell other goods and services to their customers.

What we did

  • Sourcing Specialized Engineers: Strategizing on this complex solution required a team of engineers with expert knowledge in machine learning, artificial intelligence, iOS, natural language processing, and 3D model manipulation. Given Rootstrap's robust set of engineers paired with their unique approach to this challenge, Bildsy entrusted Rootstrap with creating a proof of concept to address design and construction obstacles.
  • 3D Modeling with iOS: Rootstrap assisted in the expansion of Bildsy’s digital platform by developing a proof of concept that would allow customers to generate 3D renderings of their homes from video captured by their phones. The user would scan the room using LiDAR technology, and a 3D Model would be automatically generated. The program would be able to accurately detect and recognize different types of objects (TVs, doors, walls) and upload the prototype to a 3D editor (Blender). Using natural language, users could manipulate the image by giving instructions (“Add a door to the wall”), and the homeowner would be able to previsualize the renovation result before exporting the final output into a new 3D image. This application would diversify Bildsy’s service offering, empower homeowners, and increase customer satisfaction and retention.