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Award-winning digital studio that has helped publicly traded companies, startup founders, and public figures get ROI driven results from web and mobile app development.

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We pair you up with a world-class team of digital product experts.

We've worked with everyone from the first time founder to the multinational Fortune 100 company. Whether it's a new app, a rescue mission project, or maybe some extra dev muscle to act an extension of your tech team.

Rootstrap Mobile App Development Icon Mobile App Development

Our bread and butter. It doesn't matter what you're dreaming up, we'll turn it into a mobile app that can scale up for iOS, Android, or React Native.

Rootstrap Roadmapping Icon Roadmapping

The centerpiece of our process. Even if all you've got is a napkin sketch, we'll help you define the specs and de-risk your investment so you are building the right product.

Rootstrap Web Development Icon Web Development

We’ve built award-winning web apps, and we’ll work with you to create something that shatters your users’ expectations.

Rootstrap Growth User Acquisition Icon Growth User Acquisition

We eat our own dog food. Capturing tens of millions of eyeballs on LinkedIn to over $2.5M in-app revenue from our app portfolio, we've got the tricks to garner the attention of millions of users.

Rootstrap Augmented Reality Icon Emerging Technology

From AR/VR to Blockchain to NLP/chatbots, we've got the experience to keep you competitive with this new wave of tech.

Rootstrap Staff Augmentation Icon Staff Augmentation

If you’re just in need of development power, we can help. Our team of 60+ full-stack engineers has crazy chops and can integrate seamlessly into any Agile working environment.

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Rootstrap Work - Breakthrough App Rootstrap Work - Breakthrough App


Tony Robbins tried building an app for 5 years with multiple vendors. The legend had a 39 year content library and with the most talented leadership team possible, their description of what they needed to build kept becoming "we need Tony's continent and Spotify. And oh yeah, we can't pay Apple's 30%." Tony's team was still selling DVDs and CD's in 2016. It was time to modernize.

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As someone who suffered from kids who had ADD, Tari had a dream idea to solve ADD with AI for 3 years. She was scared of getting high balled from primo vendors or low balled from offshore vendors. With no technical knowledge, she decided to talk to many different companies in order to feel safe with her final decision.

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Rootstrap - Raiya Rootstrap - Raiya
Rootstrap Work - MERRY JANE Case Study Rootstrap - MERRY JANE


Snoop Dogg and his management team had been through multiple freelancers, Stanford students taking equity just to say they work with Snoop, and everything else in between. MERRY JANE was their big moment to shine. With center stage at Tech Crunch Disrupt, MERRY JANE promised the world to be the GQ for cannabis and they needed to deliver. We had to focus them and get them to prioritize.

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Digital strategy & web and mobile developed focused on results instead of billable hours.

Our team is focused on building you an MVP to gain traction with the least investment possible. Our success only likes if you are successful. That means maintaining a startup style in development and focusing a weekly shippable releases to test on real users. Not friends and family. Release often and early is what we preach.

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Define your concept, validate your idea with real users, and have full definition to set the stage for development. Roadmapping takes you from inception to production ready deliverables in just 4 weeks.

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