“This app is just like the products... everything I need, without all the extras! Excited to set up a reorder so I don't have to think about it ever again. Recommend!

Madison Reed's Client

Madison Reed urgently needed a partner to help them navigate this drastic turn of events

There core business logic would be bringing on board an outsourced team, add capacity and capability temporarily, and then transition the project back to their smaller, internal team for ongoing maintenance.

Additional thumbnails of classes in the Masterclass app, featuring famous personalities.

The Challenge

Madison Reed faced a challenge: developing a mobile app to enhance their digital presence and integrate seamlessly with their customers' mobile experience. The tight schedule added urgency, requiring careful framing and prioritization.

Rootstrap, their chosen partner, had the responsibility of building the app within the timeframe while ensuring a smooth transition for Madison Reed's internal team. Knowledge continuity was crucial for a successful launch and maintenance.

Madison Reed's app
Madison Reed's app

Rootstrap began with a comprehensive discovery phase, challenging the status quo and prioritizing ideas to meet Madison Reed's objectives.

This process focused on three key features of the mobile app:

Subscription Management

Ecommerce solution for order management and product discovery.

Color Bar Companion

An intuitive interface to manage appointments.

Loyalty Membership

Designed to foster brand relationship and emotional connection.

Rootstrap developed iOS and Android applications, navigating the complexity of Madison Reed's processes and services.

Clear and regularly updated targets and timelines helped manage client expectations and address the project's overall complexity.