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If you want to level up your career at a company in constant motion, you’ve come to the right place.

Four coworkers, smiling and engaged, collaborating at an office workspace.

We believe in fostering a culture of creativity, autonomy, and ownership.

We encourage every member of our team to propose new ideas and make important decisions. By empowering individuals to think and act as leaders, we create a dynamic and innovative environment that drives growth and success. We nurture talent.

We aim to achieve the highest quality outcomes.

Our challenging projects require excellent results. As a team, we embrace continuous improvement in all aspects of our work, from processes and capabilities to services. We 
seek self improvement. We strive as a team. We grow together.

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We have a really positive work environment that encourages collaboration, innovation, and personal growth. When you feel supported and valued, you are more likely to enjoy your work and feel motivated to do your best.

Pablo Blanco

Technical Architect & Full-stack developer

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Rootstrap's commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional software solutions is deeply ingrained in our culture. We attract and nurture brilliant minds, fostering constant learning and growth.

Santiago Vidal

Principal Engineer

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I joined RS as a web designer, and today I am the manager of the design team. My growth opportunities here have been limitless.

Belen Iglesias

Design Manager

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I choose Rootstrap because it pursues technical excellence and outstanding client service, and it also provides a unique environment for us to thrive, professionally and personally. The culture, the values, people around actually cares, it’s not just a slogan.

Matias Dornel

Engineering Lead

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I empathize with Rootstrap’s values. I work in a company that allows me to be authentic, surrounded by people who care for my well-being, and provides ample opportunities for personal growth and learning. And all this while enjoying the process.

Bruno Alfaro

Delivery Manager

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Rootstrap offers great opportunities for both professional and personal growth accompanied by a group of leaders and brilliant colleagues who make me feel very inspired and comfortable.

Teodora Melo

Ssr Quality Assurance

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Started out as a back-end Junior developer 8 years ago, and now I am an Engineering Manager. I can't just say this is the company I work for; it's the place where I get to work with many of my closest friends and the smartest people I've met, growing both personally and professionally together.

Felipe García

Engineering Manager

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Through the Diversity and Inclusion initiative, we have fostered a discrimination-free environment at Rootstrap where everyone can feel free to be their authentic selves. It's crucial for positive energy and genuine interactions among all of us, allowing us to contribute and grow without any fears.

Pablo Lucini

Quality Assurance Lead

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I've always felt the support of the company and my coworkers whenever I wanted to achieve something. It was here that I started getting involved with the Ruby community, which resulted in contributing to the Rails framework, attending conferences, and being a speaker at RailsConf.

Santiago Bartesaghi


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Since I joined the company, I feel that I have been experiencing constant learning, from the internal talks provided within the company to the continuous code reviews I receive from my colleagues. Working while striving to apply good practices is key to generating quality products.

Clara Maffei

Semi Senior Developer

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Rootstrap provides the necessary flexibility for me to organize my day more easily, and on the other hand, it also allows me to travel or move from my physical location while continuing with my work responsibilities.

Federico Martinez

Staff Engineer

Join our team and unlock your potential!

Growth and Development

Reach your full potential with training, mentorship, feedback program.


Prioritize your well-being with a comprehensive set of options for you.

Find your own balance

Achieve balance and fulfillment with flexible work arrangements.


Foster connections and teamwork with opportunities for social events, team-building activities, and more.

Customized processes

Receive prizes and recognitions, while enjoying working with the latest technologies.

Digital empowerment

Enjoy advanced digital tools for improved collaboration and efficiency.

Having fun is a key part of the process.

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We believe that collaborative, close-knit

teams can achieve the unthinkable.

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