Creating a seamless app-based communication experience to assist working parents

“Their engineers are dedicated, smart, and humble. There's no challenge working with them, and the quality is exceptional. It's been a very fruitful and healthy relationship.”

Samik Bhowal
Vp of Engineering, Cleo

The challenge

Cleo came to Rootstrap in need of a more effective method to improve efficiency for their Guide's daily workflow. Cleo relies on the daily support of its Doulas and Guides to provide help to thousands of families via its mobile app.

Our client discovered that their Doulas were performing unnecessary daily manual work to do their job. The client needed help redesigning and improving the app's communication tools.

What we did

To facilitate the necessary features on the Cleo platform, our engineers developed the following survey for Cleo's Guides:

  • How long have you been a Cleo Guide?
  • How many families are you supporting daily?
  • What devices do you use to perform your job?
  • On average, how many families are you assigned?

This info showed the need to reduce the constant back-and-forth between the apps' frontend dashboards to access data. To achieve this, our developers needed to craft a plugin for the frontend without abandoning its functionalities.

Another necessary update they discovered was automating the outreach process for users of the app. They could achieve this by sending outreach messages automatically to users via content and push notifications.

Rootstrap's engineers conducted "Think aloud sessions" with Cleo to help develop an MVP prototype. These sessions and the survey results helped us discover the changes needed to improve app functionality.