Building the #1 early education platform

“We’re happy with the quality of the service Rootstrap provides. Contractor resources are high quality and have good technology and communication skills. Rootstrap management has been a pleasure to work with, and they are fast and thorough in their follow-up.”

Julie DeLoyd
President, Brightwheel

The challenge

Brightwheel wanted to scale its engineering operations and needed experienced engineers with Ruby BE, React FE, and Python skills to incorporate into its tech stack capabilities. For this project, speed of work and delivery was paramount.

Brightwheel needed Rootstrap’s expertise in developing important new web and mobile functionalities, such as a reporting tool and menu planning features. The client also required Rootstrap’s QA services for high-level testing.

What we did

  • Versatile Teams: Rootstrap enlisted senior React JS & WordPress developers to work on the platform's frontend and QA specialists to incorporate quality assurance into the client's process.
  • eCommerce Expertise: The initial project was to research, design, and build an eCommerce website for their early childhood line, Experience Early Learning. Rootstrap deployed an Agile methodology with an iterative delivery approach to design and build out the platform. Rootstrap’s React developers then worked with WordPress and WooCommerce integrations to develop various web functionalities, including Billing and payments, Communication, Center Management, Lesson Plans, Attendance, and Daily Activity Reports.
  • Trust & Growth on the Web: Given the success of the eComm project, Brightwheel entrusted Rootstrap with additional responsibilities. Rootstrap eventually took over Brightwheel’s and Experience Early Learning’s (sister company) web applications to maintain and build out the sites. In addition to addressing high-priority bugs causing customer payment processing and subscription management issues, Rootstrap’s developers implemented a host of new backend functionality to help BetterUp’s employees track subscriptions and manage payments better. Salesforce and Intercom were also integrated into the platform to help with customer relationship management. Measure Twice, Cut Once: On the QA side, the team performed functional tests, generated test cases, and utilized test case management tools for traceability of work and to capture metrics that reflect the quality of the released features.