Smiling girl studying and writing, surrounded by many books. The image captures a joyful and studious moment, showcasing the enthusiasm of the young learner immersed in a sea of knowledge.

Eye Level Learning set out to improve its in-app experience to help tutors, parents, and students make the best use of its platform.

The main challenge they needed to address was pairing students with suitable tutors.

This required additional functionality to enable tutors to showcase themselves appropriately and build functionality to help all parties identify qualified candidates. These new features would benefit students, parents, and tutors to manage the course lessons.

Mockup of two screens from the tutor version of the application. One screen features the sign-up process, while the other displays a chat between the tutor and the student's parents.

Initially, tutors were not able to build personal profiles that included their area of expertise, availability, pricing, and confirmation notifications, making it challenging to communicate with parents.

Similarly, parents needed more flexibility with their children's accounts; they could not view basic account details like how many sessions were purchased and remaining, confirm which sessions occurred, and pause/restart subscriptions.

Mockup of two screens in the parent version of the app. The first screen depicts the initial interface before sign-up, and the second showcases a chat between the parent and the tutor, coordinating the upcoming class.

Given Rootstrap's experience in the Ed Tech space, we were selected to deliver this reimagined experience.

Collection of diverse mockups providing glimpses into various flows of the application, catering to both the parent and tutor versions.

What we did?

Eye Level Learning’s development work was managed in three phases, all targeted towards monetizing the platform and making it easier for users (students and tutors) to navigate core features. Between each Milestone, Rootstrap set up maintenance periods to ensure the new features were working properly and to address any iterative improvements.

Phase 1

Building Revenue Streams

The first phase of this project was focused on Eye Level’s test preparation in their mobile application. By making test preparation materials available and building a subscription and payment integration within the system, Eye Level Learning could start charging for their services, immediately seeing a return on their investment.

Phase 2

Creating Personalized Content for Learning

Milestone 2 had a few lofty goals that Rootstrap executed on. Rootstrap’s main priority for this phase was implementing the “Summit of Math” program on the mobile app, an online, adaptive math solution for personalized learning content. This was done in tandem with a rebranding across the application, including a complete design overhaul of the mobile and web features and renaming the app to “Macadamia.” Alongside these efforts, Rootstrap replicated the mobile app functionality on their web application to provide a more holistic experience for their users.

Phase 3

Matching Students with Tutors

The third phase was all about connecting the dots between parents, teachers, and students. To modernize the company and decentralize tutoring requests, Rootstrap built a tutoring portal that would help parents and students search for and select the appropriate candidates for their needs. In this version, parents could arrange private tutoring sessions for their children in person and easily communicate with the tutors online.

Key Technologies

Mobile - React Native
Web Development - ReactJS
DevOps Technologies - Heroku
Backend Development - Ruby on Rails
Database - Active Admin DB