Non-profit organization

The Power of the Design Process: Building an App for a Non-Profit Organization Through User-Centric Research

The challenge

Their main challenge was to transform their existing digital resources, including a website application, into a comprehensive and engaging platform. They were seeking to create a versatile mobile app that not only offered developmentally appropriate activities for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities but also served as an online resource forum to engage, educate, and connect families.

As their chosen partner, Rootstrap needed to prioritize features for their long-term strategy, such as supporting various programs in 20 countries and creating a unique tool for long-term engagement. Additionally, re-engaging lost families and redefining product goals clearly and concisely amidst the pandemic was crucial.

What we did

In close collaboration with stakeholders, our team embarked on a Discovery Process to de-risk the idea and direct the product strategy for this mobile application. This phase, which included extensive User Research, recalibrated our approach as we learned that connecting families was more valuable than solely focusing on developmental activities.

This key insight led us to redefine the minimum viable product (MVP), emphasizing the need to foster long-term relationships among families. The Beta version, currently in use by over +200 users in the community, is already providing valuable feedback for future product improvements, validating our research and discovery-driven approach's importance to exposing unknowns and avoiding waste and churn.