Globalization Partners

Helping Globalization Partners automate manual processes and achieve a 95% client satisfaction rate with custom software

The challenge

  • Reduce Friction in Efforts to Scale: When companies are facing rapid growth, difficulties and opportunities arise in different channels, from the technical to the operational. A strong engineering component can help with cross-functional issues in scale, and this project was a prime example. GLOBALIZATION PARTNERS primary service needed smoother application and management through software.
  • Accelerate App Development Process: Globalization Partners had to move faster to execute expansion plans. They never had a remote team before, and they had many concerns, from data security to organization to working together with their internal team. After diving deep into their platform, we took over the development of new iOS and Android apps that were aligned with the company's growth plans.

What we did

We operated as their cloud-based CTO by taking on all technical aspects of the business, allowing them to improve their services, give their customers better access to technology, and align their tech capabilities with their already impressive achievements and clout.

Beyond the technical strategy, we executed a paradigm shift to help the platform scale effectively where previously it was incapable, with APIs and the introduction of React.JS allowing automated tests to be run, without disrupting their existing business.

New functionality was implemented via our team, including a multi-country integration with Acumatica, an enterprise-grade accounting system vital for Globalization Partners mission of helping companies scale globally.