Building a dating app so people can build an authentic connection

The challenge

When LOKD came to Rootstrap, they had a mobile application that was not working properly. There were lots of bugs and concurrency issues, which created an unstable environment when a large number of users used the app at the same time. In addition, they wanted to build new features to enhance the user experience. Rootstrap took on the challenge of stabilizing the existing code and building new functionality for the app to go to market.

What we did

Improved Legacy Code

Rootstrap inherited the code from a previous development agency. The bugs were prioritized and addressed through multiple sprints. All the workflows were also adjusted to work as expected.

New Match-making scenarios

To create a more equitable dating environment, LOKD wanted to create a workflow where women could match with three men while men could only match with one woman. Rootstrap rebuilt these workflows to accommodate the dating app's new direction.

Super-like Feature

Rootstrap developed a “super-like” feature that would allow potential suitors or suitresses to know that their love interests are particularly interested in them.

Profile Add-ons

Lastly, Rootstrap built Spotify and Instagram integrations so users could easily share more about who they are with their potential matches.