“Excellent results and work experience. Very high costs for the local market. High rotation of assigned technicians makes it even more expensive. Very experienced technician, available in case of major problems.”

Dolores Martinez
Summum Manager

What we did?

Customer Research to Validate Assumptions

At the start of this project, we wanted to align on the strategic initiative; we held a few stakeholder interviews and wrote a detailed report of the client requirements. From these exercises, we created a quantitative report of Summum’s users and then developed three personas, which anchored the rest of the product, especially as we benchmarked our findings with direct competitors in the market. A user journey was mapped out, and user stories were prioritized by need and level of effort.

Designing a New Product

Once the app’s architecture was built out, we developed the wireframes. Initially, the wireframes were presented in black and white so our clients could focus and provide feedback solely on the user experience and flows. After the navigation, content, and structure were approved, we added the visual components, seamlessly combining the UX and UI. We then conducted usability tests with 15 users. Our team consolidated the responses and applied relevant, impactful feedback to the wireframes/requirements before handing it off to the development team.

Developing a new Front-End Application

Once the project's research and design phases were complete, our engineers were ready to start development. They rebuilt the entire front end from the ground up, making it easier for Summum’s users to schedule virtual appointments, in-person medical appointments, and exams, access their medical history, and order medications.


4+ years

of trusted partnership helping drive change across a wide range of product and strategic initiatives.

20,000 Exam Appointments

220,000 In-Person Medical Appointments

10,500 Active users

48,000 Medication Orders

114,000 Video Calls

Key Technologies

Mobile - React Native, iOS & Android