Building a People Experience Platform for BetterUp.

“This milestone represents 2 million moments where a member has signed up — to grow, be challenged, and find deeper connection. It’s 2 million moments where a BetterUp Coach provided a different perspective, an insight, a reflection.”


The challenge

  • Enhance BetterUp's Engineering Team: BetterUp turned to Rootstrap to lead its team in redesigning and improving two existing platforms, an analytics dashboard, and an assessments framework. Both platforms needed to scale quickly, as they struggled to handle a high volume of users, and bigger accounts faced performance issues.
  • Incorporate BetterUp's Partners & Systems: BetterUp works with over 2000 organizations serving over 500k employees, making performance, privacy, and security-critical factors in developing its platforms. With over 100 developers split into small groups, Rootstrap's engineers had to quickly learn new technologies and collaborate with many teams and different systems to align with each.

The Solution

  • Own Development Cycle & Planning Process: BetterUp hired two senior Rootstrap engineers who drove the sprint process, led regular stand-up calls, and took ownership of project management. They conducted internal 2-3 day working sessions on the necessary product features for the platforms.
  • Add New Platform Features & Fix Performance Issues: Rootstrap’s engineers added multiple new functionalities and fixed performance issues to help increase user engagement on both platforms. These new features allow ​​users to measure progress, view business outcomes such as employee retention and performance, and manage their products and users.