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"Rootstrap’s work has been pivotal to the company’s success in securing investment. They provide high-quality resources that are incredibly skilled and always strive to broaden their expertise. Their seamless integration with the internal team sets them apart, as does their ability to communicate."

Jesse Ocon

VP of Engineering at Emeritus

A progressive transformation that enhanced Digital Presence and boosted conversions

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  • Emeritus turned to Rootstrap to modernize the tech stack and enhance the performance of and results delivered by a mission-critical  web application.
  • The Emeritus Enrollment Engine was suffering from recurrent platform crashes that impacted enrollment and revenue generation, and needed a complete revamp to improve website performance, functionality, and end results.
  • Our team was also tasked with the creation and execution of a migration plan to help Emeritus transition away from a legacy, underperforming technical solution.

we did?

A screenshot of the Emeritus appA screenshot of the Emeritus appA screenshot of the Emeritus app

We progressively grew the team from 4 engineers to a cross-functional team of more than 30 people.
We successfully migrated Emeritus’s previous Salesforce-based system onto a new platform while maintaining website functionality

A screenshot of the Emeritus app
Multiple mobile mockups showcasing high-fidelity screens of the Masterclass app.

Establishing a scalable and secure CI/CD process that enabled efficient and smooth releases as the team grew to 40 people.

We are next focused on improving performance and reducing costs related to infrastructure services. These efforts will be vital for sustained growth and continued success.

Increase in revenue in just six months after launch
Increase in enrollments with the new Emeritus Enrollment Engine updates

Key Technologies

Web Development


Backend Development

Ruby on Rails