R&G Brenner

Increasing client engagement and satisfaction at R&G Brenner with a new app experience

The challenge

R&G Brenner needed to rebuild a cross-platform mobile application and develop new features to improve user performance. The client originally wanted Rootstrap to bring its existing app to a stable and maintainable state.

R&G sought out Rootstrap’s Discovery process to examine its existing app and associated "rescue mission" work required to bring the product back to stability and complete feature necessary upgrades before the next US tax season.

What we did

  • Technical Audit: The team assessed the current state of the codebase, infrastructure, and overall platform to propose solutions to continue development. They discovered the need for more robust maintenance across the solution, most importantly on the backend code and infrastructure platform.

  • A Complete Rebuild: Rootstrap’s Discovery uncovered numerous code quality and structural issues that led the team to believe it would be more cost-effective for the client to fully rebuild the product instead of repairing the existing RGB TaxApp.

  • Rescue Mission Team: Rootstrap enlisted Delivery, Engineering, Project, and Product Managers, along with a Backend Developer, DevOps, and QA Engineers, to the project. They worked closely with the client's internal team to build a new application from scratch, ensuring long-term maintainability with modern technologies and adding new features.