Increasing conversion rates and revenue for Emeritus by improving enrollment functionality

"Rootstrap’s work has been pivotal to the company’s success in securing investments. Their seamless integration with the internal team sets them apart, as does their ability to communicate."

Jesse Ocon
VP of Engineering, Emeritus

The challenge

Emeritus enlisted Rootstrap to lead its engineering team, as it had a dated web application and limited tech resources. Emeritus needed to transition away from an underperforming technical partner seamlessly. The Emeritus Enrollment Engine needed a complete rebuild to improve website performance and functionality to avoid platform crashes that had been occurring.

What we did

Rootstrap's developers successfully migrated the previous Emeritus system onto a new and improved platform while maintaining website functionality. The core Platform Updates are:

  • New back and frontends on higher-performing Ruby on Rails and React applications.
  • An SSO flow (single sign-on flow feature) to improve the Enrollment Engine functionality.
  • Subdomains to create unique white-label experiences for each university partner.