Increasing online retail sales via AI

The challenge

Avanti needed to build a mobile app to provide users with a seamless luxury shopping experience. Initially, they planned to build the app in-house, but given their expedited timeline, Avanti sought a strategic partner to hit the ground running. To address these goals, Rootstrap presented an engagement focused on delivering an enjoyable and visually captivating React Native mobile application powered by Shopify.

In order to complete our work, we worked closely with the client’s other vendors, such as a Designer, a DevOps, a QA tester, and another development company in charge of the website's development.

What we did

Custom Shopify

After analyzing the feasibility of the Shopify integration with React Native and conducting a Proof of Concept (POC), Rootstrap chose to utilize custom storefronts due to the following key benefits:

  • Flexibility: The Storefront API is device-agnostic and platform-agnostic. We could build a custom storefront using any programming language, making the workflows flexible.
  • Customization: We would build a solution that grows and adapts to a merchant's business. As customer trends and interactions change, the commerce solution could adjust quickly to long-term market shifts in customer acquisition.
  • Integration: We can use our own tools, technology stack, and experience to integrate with custom backend Shopify data.

Among the available options for integrating with custom storefronts, we chose Storefront API. It offers the greatest flexibility for any platform, provides a full range of commerce options, and works with GraphQL. This lets customers view products and collections, add products to a cart, and complete the checkout process.

Algolia Integration

Algolia is an integration that optimizes search functionality via AI. It was leveraged to make Avanti’s customers' shopping experience more pleasant by making it easier and faster for shoppers to search for the specific items they are looking for. Using the Algolia integration in Avanti’s mobile experiences, customers could:

  • Explore products by brands or categories
  • Filter brands by text
  • Search products by any available field and not only by name
  • Filter products by
          • Brands
          • Categories
          • Colors
          • Sizes
          • Prices