QA / Testing
October 17, 2022

How a QA Internship at Rootstrap Changed my Life

I first learned about software testing in 2020. I was studying proofreading at the Facultad de Humanidades in Montevideo, Uruguay. Proofreading appealed to me because I love to read and write. I enjoyed my studies too, but I began to worry about my future. 

I already struggled financially, and a career in proofreading would not offer enough money to change the hard reality I was enduring. I started searching for more promising jobs, but I lacked the skills and education that many higher-paying positions required. 

While searching for a new career, a friend told me about software testing, which intrigued me immediately. Testing sounded like another form of proofreading. Similar to how proofreaders help improve the quality of writing, software testers strive to help maximize software quality. 

I decided to change my career path. I gathered as much information about software testing courses in Uruguay as possible, but, to my disappointment, I could not afford any of them.

A few months later, I found out that the Centro de Ensayos de Software (CES), the center for software testing in Uruguay, offered full-ride scholarships for software testing courses. I applied without hesitation. They scheduled an interview with me, and I told them the opportunity would be my key to a better future.

Some good news

After a few weeks, I received the news: the scholarship was mine. I was ecstatic. I felt incredibly grateful for the opportunity. The scholarship included a software testing course and an internship working as a software tester at one of several companies. CES also assured me if I performed well at the training, the company would hire me as a tester. 

Months of studying passed, and my classmates and I applied for internships at various companies. After lots and lots of research, one company, Rootstrap, stood out to me in particular.

On their website, I discovered the exciting projects they worked on, such as MasterClass, and saw how many big names in the industry trusted their services. I applied, hoping to one day be a part of their quality assurance team.

MasterClass app in the app store.

Later, CES called and told me Rootstrap had accepted me as an intern. I felt overjoyed. I was ready to take the next step into my brighter future. I felt like something really good was coming my way.

Getting started at Rootstrap

First up, I met with two of Rootstrap's senior employees. They told me about the company and how the internship would be. I learned another one of my classmates from the CES course got accepted into Rootstrap too. So, we would take this path together. 

In late March of 2022, Rootstrap welcomed me to my internship with a computer, a company t-shirt, and even breakfast! I began working alongside my appointed mentor. I met him daily, and he taught me how to use Jira and execute various tests. He also created a duplicate of the Rootstrap Notion website, so I could practice what I learned on it.

I met many other employees, including designers, software developers, and product managers. Everyone was very kind and informative. I learned about their integral roles in the company and how they all work together to produce a finished product.

My first project

After my initial training, Rootstrap assigned me to a project called Forecast. I met with the QA team daily to discuss the issues we had to test. The people I worked with were kind and professional. I learned many new things every day.

Even though it was my very first software testing experience, I felt comfortable and confident in the Rootstrap environment. I always had support and guidance from those around me, and never felt like I couldn't ask a question at each stage of my learning curve.

Aside from working, I had a lot of fun during my internship. The Rootstrap office is very nice. Every Wednesday, I enjoyed a delicious lunch with my coworkers, who were all very kind and supportive. I have made many friends here. I also met the Argentina team, and they received me with open arms. 

More good news

After the internship, Rootstrap offered me the opportunity to continue working and learning with them! I started to work with a new mentor. We discussed and reviewed the Forecast project I worked on twice a week. He continues to help me improve my performance on my daily tasks. In addition, I have a leader who helps me plan and achieve goals.

I'm pleased to work with such friendly people in a great collaborative environment. I will always be grateful for this opportunity. Thank you dearly to the kind people at CES and Rootstrap. You have changed my life.