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How to improve maintainability in Rails applications using patterns. Part I

Introduction Software is constantly evolving, both in specification and implementation. Keeping an extensible and maintainable codebase is therefore crucial in order to deal with these changes quickly and easily. Ruby on Rails comes with a lot of good techniques and patterns out of the box that facilitate this. Nevertheless, some

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Scope functions in Kotlin

The Kotlin standard library contains several functions whose sole purpose is to execute a block of code within the context of an object. When you call such a function on an object with a lambda expression provided, it forms a temporary scope. In this scope, you can access the object

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What I’ve Learned From Rootstrap Week

Three weeks ago we had a massive company retreat in Montevideo called Rootstrap week. Team members traveling from all around the globe for a one whole week full of laughs, personal stories, lessons learned, fuck up tales, and new innovative ideas heading the promising 2020. A week in which communication and co-creation were

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