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90% of Apps Fail

And only 1 in 2,000 startups ever get funding. Why? Because they start with a plan that’s doomed to bankrupt them - or worse, a product with features that users don’t want. Rootstrap takes a different approach.

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Rootstrap takes your app idea from even the vaguest concept to mobile app development-ready prototype

and gives you everything you need to wow investors

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Rootstrapped for

… then raised




"With the Rootstrap process, I was able to identify FanBread’s key product features and explore potential roadblocks before building. At the end of the two week process, I had mocks, user stories, and the core building blocks to develop with confidence."

Karl House, CEO and Co-Founder of FanBread

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Rootstrapped for

… recouped in


13 Weeks

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins had built a coaching empire, but still sold all his materials in books, pamphlets, and CDs. We helped him navigate the transition to digital and use the materials he got from Rootstrap to see a return on his development investment in under 30 days.

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From Napkin Sketch

To Development-Ready Prototype

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Week 1: Strategy & Roadmap

We’ll take you step by step through the process of turning your idea into a business. We’ll identify and refine your key value proposition, test it against the marketplace, and build out a detailed roadmap to developing & launching your app.

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Week 2: Backlog & Design

Now comes the deep dive. We’ll define every aspect of your product from brand identity and wireframing to detailed technical architecture. By week’s end, you’ll have a comprehensive end-to-end roadmap that you can take to any mobile app development shop to execute your vision.

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To Work With Us You Do Not Need To...

  • Don't need to Have business know-how or mobile app development expertise

  • Don't need to Have prior startup or entrepreneurial experience

  • Don't need to Know exactly how your product will look or function

  • Don't need to Live in Los Angeles or New York. It’s 2016 - we can work remotely!

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