At Rootstrap we combine
creativity, technical expertise, and
process-driven development
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innovative products for our clients.

Helped MasterClass Build New Features And Double Their Revenue

MasterClass was struggling to find local, high-quality talent in one specific programming language for their frontend, ReactJS. Fortunately, they realized they didn’t need to do everything in-house to reach their goal of doubling revenue. That’s when they found Rootstrap.

Helped WalletJoy Create a Personal Finance Website that Achieves 25% Visitor Retention

WalletJoy needed a website that was clean and easy to use, and also that their internal team could maintain. This is how we did it.

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what we do
Web Development
We approach web development in the same way we approach mobile development – by beginning and ending with the user.
Machine Learning
Our Machine Learning techniques are used to solve problems that more traditional engineering approaches are unable to overcome. Machine Learning can reduce costs, increase ROI and create new capabilities for any and all industries.
Product Strategy
Using Agile Development & Project Management we ensure that when you build something, it’s something people want.
UI/UX Design
We can bring the knowledge & experience we’ve gained from designing hundreds of apps to refine your product – or design a new one from scratch.
Data Science
Data Science adds value to your business by detecting patterns & trends in data to generate accurate results & key insights for decision making. Key data can help you understand customers, improve internal operations & achieve successful business results.
Technical Workshops
The goal of a Rootstrap workshop is to figure out what to build without burning budget. The outcome – alignment on the vision and features of your product.

Our Insights

We believe that knowledge is built by many. By sharing our insights we hope to help our clients and community to build better products.

Thanks to the creation of blockchain technology in 2008, a lot of developments have occurred since. For example, the creation […]
June 15
5 min read
One of the most important western philosophers of all time, Aristotle once said – “Man is by nature a social […]
December 7
5 min read
Month-over-month growth is a key metric for measuring the growth of your business.
June 18
5 min read
DevOps describes the integration of software production, development, and operations, with a focus on increasing the speed of software delivery. […]
August 4
5 min read
For those of you looking to transition from graphic design to product design, I’d like to start out by saying […]
August 3
5 min read
Any contemporary financial system must include channels for people to lend and borrow valuable assets. Using these financial mediums, asset […]
August 2
5 min read

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