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Mobile Development

We've helped everyone from first time founders to multinational corporations stay lean and build agile.

Rootstrap Services - Mobile Development

Our Philosophy

We're not just coders – we're product strategists. Agile methodology and Lean Startup principles lie at the core of everything we do, and we've honed our process over hundreds of projects to make sure that when we build something, it's something people want. Our iterative design process and relentless focus on validation ensure that you avoid unnecessary features and ballooning cost, ending with a beautiful app built to satisfy users.

Our Tech Specs

With a team of over 100 product designers and full-stack developers, we have the capabilities to meet the most challenging of business problems. Our continuous devotion to developing internal knowledge and collaborative processes allows us to solve problems that other people can't.

iOS Development

Native is our home turf. Our team focuses on clean code, simple frameworks, and elegant implementation so even the largest apps we build stay lean and nimble – and when it's time to update, we can make changes easily.

Android Development

We love Android. We focus on building functionality fast, and we make use of the quick turnaround time on the Google Play store to gather user data and iterate in days instead of weeks.

Languages We Speak

How We Get It Done

Rootstrap Services - MoWebbile Development

Web Development

Mobile has it's perks, but sometimes the worldwide web can't be beat. We work to make our web apps and websites beautiful, functional, and intuitive – and we incorporate user testing and feedback into every stage of the process so when you go live, you know you're ready for the real world.

Form & Function Aren't Always at Odds

To us, beauty and utility go hand in hand. Our web designs are responsive by default, created to provide a jaw-dropping experience on any platform – and to weave intuitive functionality into the fiber of the design.

Centered on Users, Every Step of the Way

We approach developing on the web the same way we approach developing for mobile – by beginning and ending with the user. We incorporate user research, iterative design, and full-contact testing at every step so whether it's a website or a web app, it does exactly what the user wants it to.

Languages We Speak

How We Get It Done

Emerging Technology

Digital & mobile app development is our bread and butter, but we do much more than that. We've been working on projects at the vanguard of new technology for years, and we're experienced in a wide array of emerging tech.

Rootstrap Emerging Technology

Virtual & Augmented Reality

The future of digital products lies beyond the screen – and if you've got ideas for how to create that future in the present, we'd love to help you make them real. From developing an AR game for the Geekie Awards to revamping the LA Public Library with fully interactive exhibits, we've been working in the VR & AR space for years.

Artificial Intelligence

The big kahuna of emerging tech, artificial intelligence it poised to reshape the world as we know it. Truly, it doesn't matter what's your business – if AI isn't somewhere in your roadmap, you're behind the times. We can help you use AI the right way, building a custom AI or piggybacking off existing frameworks to move your business forward.

Chatbot Development

Chatbots are essentially programs with a “conversational interface”: instead of buttons and icons, chatbots use natural human speech to interact with users. We're already working on a number of these, and we can help you build a chatbot to automate customer support, give your brand a human touch, or launch a new business entirely. All you have to do is start the conversation with us (and yes, you'll talk to a real human).

Deep Learning & Machine Learning

A form of artificial intelligence, machine learning (or deep learning, they mean the same thing) is a framework that lets an algorithm learn to make associations and classifications organically by training on a vast pool of data. We've built a number of these algorithms over the years, and we'd be happy to either develop one fresh for your project or repurpose one of our own.

Staff Augmentation

Sometimes, you just need extra muscle – and we've got it in ample supply. Whether you're on a crunched timeline and need to ship a product fast or just want a couple outside experts on your coding strike team, our product designers and developers can amplify your in-house team to get the project done right.

Rootstrap Staff Augmentation

Fresh Perspectives for Functional, Beautiful Design

Our designers focus on fusing form and function. We can bring the knowledge and experience we've gained from designing hundreds of apps to help refine your product – or design a new one from scratch.

Rootstrap Staff Augmentation

Full-Stack Engineers at Your Disposal

Our coders are experts, and we speak a lot of languages. Whatever your build environment, our engineers will feel right at home. We follow every best practice to a T, and some of the biggest names in tech and entertainment speak to the quality of our software.

Rootstrap Staff

Stay Agile, Stay Alive

We use Agile frameworks every day in our work environment, so whether you're building in Scrum, Kanban, or Crystal, we'll fit effortlessly into your dev frameworks.

Let's Get Started Today

Whether you need an app built from scratch, a rescue mission for a product that's FUBAR, or need some extra development muscle for your internal projects, our developers are some of the best in the world, and we guarantee they'll generate the results that matter to you. Reach out to us today for a project consultation.

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