March 22, 2023

Tech Talent Shortage: Balancing Client and People-Centric Approaches

The software market has experienced unprecedented growth, and the demand for skilled developers continues to rise. Tech talent shortages persist despite public layoffs, and companies are fiercely competing to attract and retain top developers. Outsourcing companies should not only focus on their clients but also understand and support their staff to ensure success.

Clients for outsourcing companies are crucial, as they are the ones bringing in the revenue. This competition has led to claims such as "we are a Client-Centered Company," aiming to reassure clients that they are the top priority. Client-centered companies seem like the obvious choice for businesses searching for solutions, offering support for any project they wish to develop. However, in this race to attract clients, are outsourcing companies overlooking the importance of their developers?

Startups, small businesses, and large companies alike turn to outsourcing software companies to save money on projects. Developers worldwide benefit from connecting with US-based clients and earning a good wage through outsourcing companies, making it a win-win situation. However, as the number of outsourcing companies grows faster than the number of available developers, the competition for retaining developers intensifies.

If you are a potential client of a software outsourcing company, paying attention to the company you choose to work with is essential. You do not want your developer to leave a project halfway through or have to delay your release dates due to staff changes and refactoring. It is crucial to look for companies that are not only client-centered but also people-centered.

Questions to ask before selecting a Software Outsourcing Partner

(1) Do your developers have access to an internal management team for support?

This ensures that developers can receive help from a team of colleagues when facing issues during the development process.

(2)Do you offer a clear career path for your developers?

Career growth is a significant reason developers seek new opportunities. If a company does not provide a clear career path, the developer assigned to you may leave for another company that does.

(3) What benefits do you provide your employees?

This question can be tricky since benefits vary between countries. At a minimum, companies should offer paid vacations, sick days, national holidays, at least one personal day, and healthcare plans or assistance.

(4) Do you conduct internal performance reviews?

Performance reviews are essential for developer growth. Outsourcing companies should prioritize this to ensure quality code and oversight of developers' work.

The Takeaway

It's vital for companies to recognize that we are all people deserving of care and appreciation. This understanding will drive the industry to grow in the right direction. People-centered companies will ultimately retain and attract new talent, offering exceptional workplaces for their employees and quality software for their clients.

What are your thoughts on people-centered companies and a people-centered approach? Let us know in the comments section!