Clutch Names Rootstrap Best B2B Service Provider in Uruguay

Our team here at Rootstrap woke up to a thrilling announcement this morning! We were just awarded as one of the top b2b service providers by! Most successful business have opted for investment in B2B providers in recent years, which is why it is essential that you pick the best one. Clutch ranking us as the #1 B2B Service Provider in Uruguay!

Clutch’s office is a few steps away from the Washington Monument in the District of Columbia. In its offices, a team of analysts take the time to independently verify each and every review they conduct from clients around the globe. When you’re looking to hire your next B2B service provider, is the premier ratings and review site.

Clutch’s reputation makes us thrilled that we have an outstanding rating on their site according to our reviews! In a recent review, the CEO of V3 Cybersecurity Inc., Jorge Conde Berrocal, praised our development and maintenance work that we did for his cybersecurity maturity assessment company!

“They’re small enough to be hungry and big enough to be established. Their leadership is open to earning business. Include them in your shortlist.” – Jorge Conde Berrocal, CEO of V3 Cybersecurity Inc

V3 Cybersecurity Review

With our other perfect satisfied reviews, the B2B resource platform ranked us as one of the world’s best B2B service providers for 2020! We’re incredibly honored to receive this recognition in addition to our numerous other accolades including being named a Top Mobile and Web Development Company by GoodTroopers.

GoodTroopers Badge Naming Rootstrap a Top Mobile and Web Development Company

“We are honored to receive this recognition from Clutch, representing our strong foundation within the Latin American tech scene” David Jarrett, CEO

Thanks to our many satisfied customers for allowing Clutch to recognize us, if you want to join their ranks reach out today!

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