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IT staff augmentation is a powerful outsourcing model that allows established companies and new startups to achieve their business objectives faster and easily without risks.

The model makes it possible for technologies and teams of various sizes to quickly scale up or down using highly qualified temporary workers instead of permanent employees.

Rootstrap offers IT staff augmentation services to small, medium, and big technology companies and teams. Brands like Google, Salesforce, Spotify, and Disney have used our services to scale their processes and products.

Our designers, developers, and strategists have won many awards. Below are a few:

  • CSS Design Award by CSS Design Awards
  • Site of the day by Awwwards
  • #1 in Tech on Product Hunt
  • Top Web App Development Company by 10 Best Design
  • Best Website Design by The Geekie Awards

Rootstrap serves clients in various industries from different countries. We’ve been featured in magazines like Forbes, Inc., and Entrepreneur.

IT staff augmentation is a type of outsourcing model where a software development company like Rootstrap provides highly skilled designers and developers to other companies as external employees (usually remote) to work on a contract basis.

Rootstrap offers the best IT staff augmentation services. Our designers and developers are specialists and seasoned veterans in their respective fields.

If there’s an increase in customer demand or a temporary spike in everyday work, IT companies and teams turn to Rootstrap to find the best talents.

A company may use our staff augmentation service to gain a competitive advantage. For example, if there’s an urgent need to create and market a new product or service, a company may use Rootstrap’s incredible talents to build it quickly.

Sometimes, there’s no need to hire someone with a particular skill permanently. By turning to Rootstrap, companies know that they’ll find highly qualified specialists who are readily available to perform the task when needed.

What is IT Staff Augmentation?

Most companies have found that recruiting a new IT talent is an exhausting and challenging task. The outcome is often unpredictable because experienced candidates who are able to pick things up quickly are few and far between as any experienced HR manager will testify to.

Sometimes, companies could go months searching for the right employee to add to their team.

That is why companies and startups turn to a reliable IT staff augmentation company like Rootstrap.

Why Companies Perform IT Staff Augmentation

So, how does IT staff augmentation work?

Here at Rootstrap, the first thing we do is identify the required skills, qualifications, expertise, the number of developers, etc., our client needs. Our job is to know what the client wants and give it to them.

After identifying the needs of the client, the next step is to conduct an extensive review and interview to find suitable candidates who are qualified enough. Suitable candidates are those who have the required qualifications, skills, and right attitudes to do the job well.

After finding and presenting the perfect candidates to the client, our work doesn’t end there. Once the agreements papers are signed, the next step is to help the new team members get accustomed to their roles.

Our work still doesn’t end there. After the new team members are used to their roles, we’ll continue to support them. We ensure that they continue to succeed in their roles and deliver for the client.

Is it Really That Easy?

We make it sound easy but that’s just because we’re experienced enough. Rootstrap follows a workflow that makes staff transition and management easy and fast.

Remember, the reason companies opt for staff augmentation is because they need support fast! Responding to a demand in a timely manner can be the difference between failure to deliver and enormous success.

Rootstrap will help your company grasp opportunities as they come without headaches and allow you to reap all the benefits of major success.

Hiring is among the most important activities in any company. Our reputation speaks for us, which is why companies are rarely afraid to hand us the role of HR management and hiring.

So what are the benefits, apart from receiving high-quality staff as fast as possible?

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The Benefits of Using an

IT Staff Augmentation Service

The benefits companies enjoy working with a five-star IT staff augmentation service like Rootstrap are abundant. Below are some fantastic benefits our clients tell us they derive from working with us.

Lowers development costs

The top reason companies work with Rootstrap is because we reduce their development costs. Rather than hiring people individually, we manage talented remote teams for our clients. The service costs less than when they hire full-time employees themselves.

Rootstrap has highly skilled teams in Montevideo, Uruguay, and Buenos Aires, Argentina. Our headquarters is located in Los Angeles, California.

Our team members are the best at what they do. Working with them is cheaper than hiring employees.

Rootstrap’s IT staff augmentation service may be cheaper because the cost of living in South America is lower than in the US. Our clients get high-quality service because our developers and designers are so qualified.

Our clients come to us because they want to reduce development costs and increase the quality of work they get. We give them both.

Our team was able to build remarkable products for companies like Disney and Salesforce while reducing their development costs. We can work with any company or startup.

Zero recruitment headache

Finding qualified candidates is tough and time-consuming. It’s also expensive.

An IT staff augmentation service provider like Rootstrap eliminates the need for companies to recruit directly. Recruitment becomes our responsibility, and we’re good at finding qualified candidates who’re eager and ready to work.

Rootstrap ensures that only the best and ideal developers and designers work with our clients.

By working with Rootstrap, our clients don’t have to worry about a talent shortage, time constraints, and interviewing job applicants. We take care of all that for them.

We readily supply our clients with the talent they need.

Worrying less about recruitment gives Rootstrap’s clients a competitive edge. It means they can quickly hire the skills they need to build a product, service, or feature and make it available to customers in a short time.

Lowers operational costs

The cost of office space, utility bills, and office maintenance are high in countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, and some parts of Europe.

By outsourcing, companies don’t need to spend much money on office space, equipment, and maintenance. Their operational costs are lower, and they still get quality work.

At Rootstrap, our clients are happy with us because our service increases their profits by boosting their revenue and reducing their costs.

For companies that were struggling before they came to us, our service helped them reduce costs and improve their situation.

Having full-time staff can be expensive, especially for small businesses and startups. Setting up a department to manage IT operations is also costly for some established or big companies.

That’s why companies come to Rootstrap. We help them minimize operational costs while they still achieve their goals.

Our developers and designers work from our offices and remotely. And they’re highly effective and efficient people.

Less legal responsibility and paperwork

In the United States, for example, there are state and federal employment requirements that can make it challenging to hire an employee. Companies need to provide necessary forms and paperwork before the employee receives their first paycheck.

Companies also need to provide each new hire with an employee handbook. The employee must sign the handbook.

The employee handbook helps the company mitigates potential lawsuits and prevents employees from becoming toxic to the workplace.

When companies use Rootstrap’s IT staff augmentation service, we act as the official employer. Our clients don’t need to worry about taxes, payroll, employee benefits, etc.

Rootstrap carries legal responsibility and handles all the paperwork.

Even though Rootstrap acts as the official employer, we also ensure that the new hires sign the employee handbook. They’re not exempt from following the defined policies of how employees are to interact with each other and the client. Employees adjust to the behaviors, expectations, and methodologies set forth by the client.

Offers direct access to specialists

Using Rootstrap's service gives companies direct access to specialists whenever needed. They have access to experts who may be unavailable or scarce in their city, state, or country.

Our specialists are gifted. They’ve done the task many times and will always give 100% of their focus to your success.

Instead of hiring a new employee to train and nurture, working with Rootstrap gives companies direct access to specialists for the right price.

Companies use our IT staff augmentation service to hire specialists for particular tasks only when needed. That helps them improve the performance of their core team. It means their employees can focus on doing what they do best and let our developers complete those tasks that require their expertise.

Increases the team size and boosts productivity

To boost productivity, many technology companies and teams have realized that they need to stop employees from multitasking. If employees are juggling multiple tasks, they become less effective.

Companies that outsource some of those tasks to our specialists lighten the workload on their employees. And the performance and productivity of their employees improve as a result.

Here at Rootstrap, our clients come to us because they want to increase their team size and boost their output without spending an absurd amount of money.

Our clients have realized that they don’t need to hire new employees if it isn’t necessary. Our service gives companies everything they need for less than the amount they would spend on new hires.

There are lots of IT staff augmentation companies out there, but very few have the number of qualified developers and designers that we have.

The first step to getting started with our IT staff augmentation service is to contact us and tell us about your company or team and project.

You can also reach us through +1 (310) 907-9210.

We’ll work with you to identify the specific skills, team size, experience, qualifications, etc., your team or company needs. After working with you to determine what you need, we’ll provide the talent.

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