How Rootstrap Helped WalletJoy Set Their Direction & Launch A Personal Finance Site Like No Other

  • client


  • duration

    60 weeks

  • team

    3 Developers

    3 Designers

    1 Design Director


the client


WalletJoy’s aim is to take the stress out of finances by offering informational content on all of life’s biggest and most financially demanding moments, from getting married to buying a house.

our objectives

our objectives


Refine and clarify brand direction


Determining target audience


Expedite launch process with additional, highly qualified developers


Design website front-end that’s user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing


Put together a final product that their internal team could maintain



WalletJoy was formed as an offshoot brand of Core Digital Media, as a personal finance site with financial and credit card advice. As they were building the brand from scratch, they had yet to fully flesh out the direction they wanted to take.

    They also lacked a website and the team to build one quickly. WalletJoy’s developers had limited experience with front-end development and user experience,so the design process would take much longer than WalletJoy wanted to wait.


    our objectives

    our objectives


    User testing and interviews


    Beautiful front-end and easy-to-edit backend design


    Flexible development process



    Rootstrap worked with WalletJoy to do extensive user testing throughout the website-building process. Countless interviews were conducted with members of the target audience to determine what their largest pain points were and how WalletJoy could solve them.



      Pivoting to accomodate the platform needs

      From this, they decided to focus their content on major life events that often strain people financially, such as weddings and the birth of a child. The site included lots of illustrations to put users at ease.

      The needs of the project were constantly changing as the brand took shape. When WalletJoy chose WordPress for their backend, as their in-house team was strongest with that platform, Rootstrap had no problem pivoting to accommodate them.



        Creating a user-friendly experience

        Everything was designed to be simple and user-friendly with thorough documentation for the entire process, allowing WalletJoy’s internal team to ultimately take over the project once the initial push was complete. However, Rootstrap’s team was fully prepared to keep supporting WalletJoy for as long as they needed.


        Developing a new website within 3 months

        Rootstrap provided WalletJoy with three developers who were able to develop an early version of the website within about 3 months -- far faster than WalletJoy’s team could’ve done alone.


        the result

        WalletJoy’s website is clean and easy-to-use, both for their customers on the front-end and their internal team on the backend.

        Rootstrap has gradually passed the project back to the WalletJoy team for long-term maintenance and further development, with plenty of support to ensure their ongoing success.

        With a strong brand focus and sleek web design, WalletJoy is ready to focus on monetization for this year and beyond.


        Initial signs look promising with the site seeing user retention figures that are exceeding WalletJoy’s internal expectations.


        Listen to what zack had to say about his experience

        Rootstrap has proven time and time again that they're willing to put in the hours to get it done. They’re flexible and extremely hard working.

        Zack Babin

        Product Lead, WalletJoy