Think you’ve got a great idea? Let’s prove it. This is where we measure twice and cut once to ensure your clickable prototype is ready for development and the marketplace.

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Rootstrap Roadmapping
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The reason 90% of all apps crash and burn in a pixelated flame?

Simply put, most products aren’t ready for market, and have way too many undefined variables before shipping. Roadmapping validates your ideas before it’s too late to turn back.

Step 1

Understand the Big Picture

What’s the real problem you’re solving? Why you over the competition? What will you need to compete? Mapping this out now will help keep your sanity intact later.

Step 2

Discover Your True Customer

Let’s dig beyond the avatar to understand who your user or customer really is. What do they truly need? What’s the minimum number of features you can provide to get them interested? You’ve got to talk to them to find out.

Step 3

Map Out Their Journey

How will people arrive at your solution? What are all of their potential pain points along the way? Determining your fit within the market - and if there even is a market - is crucial.

Step 4

Get Technical

We have a deep arsenal of tech capabilities that are lean, affordable, and extremely advanced. We’ll get you from A to B using the latest tools and methodologies.

Step 5

Create an Experience

Will your customers have a seamless and enjoyable interaction - one worth talking about? Our User Experience architects will make sure the answer is always “Damn right.”

Step 6

Validate and Develop With Confidence

Head to development with all of the essentials: an iron-clad roadmap, a sleek prototype, tested theories, and zero reservations about whether or not your product will actually work.

Any of these sound like you?

Image of client face “I’ve got some solid sketches, but the edges aren’t defined…”

Maybe you’ve never developed a product like this before, or your idea is far too complex for you to tackle alone. Roadmapping can shape your entire ecosystem, user flow and core features before you go all in. Image of Rootstrap's employee face

Image of client face “I’ve already got a business plan and core features designed…”

Even if you’ve already thought this stuff through with your team, it’s still important to test your ideas with users before launching on the market. Give us a few weeks to solidify your strategy, build a clickable prototype, and develop engaging solutions that will make development smoother and more efficient. Image of Rootstrap's employee face

Image of client face “I’m already solidified in the market, but I need to stay ahead of the curve.”

We’ll help you validate new iterations, new products, or a new everything. Because if you believe Eric Ries (and you probably should), a startup is just a series of MVPs. We’ll get you thinking that way and provide a development litmus test. Image of Rootstrap's employee face

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