Mobile App Development

Building On-demand Healthcare Apps for TreatMD

The Client

TreatMD launched in 2014 to take a different approach to telemedicine and reinvent the telehealth model. As an on-demand healthcare platform, TreatMD was at the forefront of the fast-growing industry and the use of new technology to provide healthcare at a distance.

The Challenge

TreatMD wanted to create an international one-stop, interactive, and map-based interface for all facets of on-demand healthcare. This platform would allow physicians to onboard themselves to provide patient care.

Physicians would set their own rates and whether they are available for phone, video, or in-person visits. Patients who sign up could search for providers in certain areas or medical specialties and connect with physicians via the platform.

Physicians would also integrate readings from patients' medical records, wearables, and mobile health devices into visits should they choose to do so.

How could TreatMD bring this idea to life?

The Solution

Two apps, an Android and an iOS app, built from scratch by Rootstrap’s team.

We integrated our platform with TreatMD’s existing enterprise medical solutions, exchanging PHI (patient’s health information), integrating with EHR systems, and unlocking a fully interactive telemedicine experience. 

Fully HIPAA compliant, the platform has powered over 15 million virtual consults with more than 40.000 doctors.

* Notable TreatMD users include:

  • Banner Health (50,000 employees)
  • United States Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Petrobras, and Humana Health Insurance (revenue $41.3B)
  • Chilean National Government, Cigna Health insurance (revenue $41.62B)

The Result

After determining that the TreatMD platform was “the most advanced and unique offering on the market today,GlobalMed - a worldwide leader in telemedicine delivery solutions with over 3.5 million consults - acquired the startup for an undisclosed sum. 

As GlobalMed was mostly known for creating hardware and software that enabled site-to-site communication between hospitals and health systems, the acquisition signaled a push toward more patient-facing solutions, including scheduling, electronic prescribing, and insurance eligibility checks.

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