Software Development

Building Real-time Social Media Monitoring Platforms for Salesforce


Paradigm-shifting companies that create entire categories are few and far between, but Salesforce exemplifies that level of success like none other. There’s something impressive in the ability of a company at that level to recognize the importance of partnering with experts outside of their category to reach bold goals.

By working with us and with our domain knowledge, they were able to deliver a better solution than would otherwise have been possible, and their trust in us is what allowed that to happen.


Salesforce reached out to us to complete a wide range of projects, ranging from development, content, and design to strategy, project management, and community building. Working in tandem with the Salesforce team, we were able to transform the way they built software.


We conceptualized and built social media command centers for Dreamforce, the largest marketing conference in the world, hosted every year in San Francisco by Salesforce.

The command centers allowed Salesforce teams to monitor and track conversations around the brand and the real-time conference experience, enabling marketing and salespeople to tap into quickly digestible information about the community, opportunities, and attendees, aggregated across all major social platforms.


Our command centers were so effective and engaging that Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, ended up tapping our teams to develop his own command center in his personal conference room, to take a one-to-one interest in the Dreamforce experience and continue his mission of engaging as a CEO and as a leader of the Salesforce global community.

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