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Developing a Merchandising Cloud Platform for One Door that Unlocked $20M in Venture Financing

The Client

One Door is a leading cloud-based visual merchandising software provider that helps retailers tell great stories through collaboration, localization, and simplification.

They transform how retailers plan, execute, and analyze their in-store merchandising, enabling constant resets, hyper-localization, and personalization, providing a seamless experience for store teams.

The Challenge

One Door turned to Rootstrap to build a Product Merchandising Cloud.

Our client needed to ensure its platform was reliable and consistent and provide a unique experience for each customer. The One Door platform enables clients to meet sales targets, remain profitable, and perform updates.

The One Door platform had a dated tech stack hindering performance.

Each One Door client, such as Vodafone and Samsung, had specific requirements with unique functions and offerings to be accommodated. These companies each had large amounts of data that needed to be consolidated on top of a unique, robust core.

The Solution

Enhance Tech Stack to Improve Functionality

Rootstrap enlisted an agile team to work with One Door to develop a more stable version of its framework using Ruby on Rails. They combined Mobile, Cloud, and AI technologies to consolidate One Door’s multiple clients onto a single platform. 

The team used the updated tech stack to improve cloud quality and utilize sales metrics to optimize the platform’s in-person experience. They replaced the platform's single update functionality with an across-the-board function for each client’s platform.

Utilize Planograms for Visual Representation

With planograms, One Door's clients can use products inside stores to maximize sales and optimize operations and merchandise. Rootstrap’s developers created specific algorithms to upload the structure of the platform’s stores and venues for unique product displays, e.g., sunglasses.  

Planogram Benefits: 
  • 5-8X improvement in efficiency
  • 20% reduction in labor costs
  • 10-15% improvement in compliance

One Door Planogram

The Result

Significant Return on Investment

One Door saw a substantial return on investment via its updated merchandising cloud. This new generic platform allowed One Door to scale its development capabilities at a cost-effective and optimal speed.

High Growth and Venture Financing

Powered by its new platform, One Door identified and reached high growth revenue targets that helped our client unlock $20M in venture financing.

“Rootstrap has been an invaluable partner to One Door. Their ability to quickly adopt our processes and act as a seamless extension of our core development team is truly brilliant. We look forward to continuing to build a long-term relationship with this talented team.”

      Ken Sonberg, CTO at One Door

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