Multinational Technology Company

Web Development

Building a Scalable E-Commerce Platform for a Multinational Technology Company

The Client

Rootstrap was approached by a well-known multinational tech company that specializes in developing and manufacturing personal computers, printers, and imaging equipment to build its new e-commerce platform for its premier ink service.

The Challenge

Our client's previous platform used for its premier ink service was difficult to navigate and outdated.

It needed a new platform that was easy to navigate and allowed customers to seamlessly purchase ink subscription plans while also tracking their ink usage.

With the client's reputation as a leading business in the printer industry, they knew they needed a platform that would be scalable and handle a large volume of traffic.

The Solution

Rootstrap employed a combination of Node and React.js technologies to create the new platform with the necessary functionalities.

The multi-disciplinary agile development team closely collaborated with the company to fully comprehend its unique needs and requirements.

The team built an easy-to-use and visually appealing e-commerce platform using a user-centric design approach.

The Result

The new e-commerce platform, built by Rootstrap, handles high-traffic volumes with ease, allowing customers to purchase ink subscription plans and track their ink usage seamlessly.

The platform’s scalability has improved customer experience, increased sales, supported the company’s growth, and continues to be a valuable asset to their business.

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