Global Insurance Provider

Website, Mobile Development, Design, QA

Building a CyberSecurity Model for a Global Insurer

The Client

Our client is one of the world’s leading providers of reinsurance, primary insurance, and insurance-related risk solutions. This industry-leading client is globally active and operates in all lines of the insurance business.


ShieldsUp is a cyber risk mitigation and monitoring platform for connected trucking fleets. Its pilot currently focuses on US-based trucking fleets with 200 to 1,000 connected vehicles.

The ShieldsUp platform provides an SaaS-subscription-based, production-level incident response service for small and medium-sized trucking fleets. The longer-term plan will also incorporate a comprehensive auto-cyber monitoring and mitigation platform.

The Challenge

The client was working on its AWS infrastructure setup and client app when it turned to Rootstrap for help with its admin site. Once it was transitioned over, bug fixing was also needed within the client app. 

Our client wanted to use wireframes and material design for the admin app. The usability of the admin platform was also key, as a partner would use it to manage the site and track customer support and mitigation. 

To achieve this, the client needed two experienced developers, a project manager, and QA services to support its existing product. The client was also looking for immediate design support.

The Solution

Rootstrap enlisted a senior developer with NodeJS skills to work on the backend of the platform and an experienced ReactJS developer to work on the frontend. 

Rootstrap also enlisted a senior project manager for planning & milestone development, a QA specialist for high-level testing, and a designer for the necessary UX updates on the app.

Our team worked to ensure the admin app would have the following functionalities:

  • Directory
  • Reporting
  • Entities & Users
  • Onboarding data entry

Key Technologies Used

The Rootstrap team utilized the following tech stack to complete their work:

PRESENTATION - React Client & Typescript


LOGI - Nest JS, Node JS & AWS Cognito

DATA ENGINEERING - AWS using the PostgreSQL database engine

THIRD-PARTY INTEGRATIONS - Intercome, Stripe, SendGrid, Calendy & Zendesk.

The Result 

The ShieldsUp Concierge Response model 

ShieldsUp Concierge is a one-stop shop for customers' cyber response needs. The model can triage all inbound cases to match them against a response scenario and partner vendor. 

A scenario outside the client's support gets passed through for further triage by a vendor in which it fulfills the delivery of service. Scenarios are akin to software' features,' and where demand or threat is sufficient, specific playbooks and guidance on the topic are provided.   

As the client supports more scenarios, it aims to onboard more vendors to provide specialist capabilities, geographic coverage, or capacity. This initiative is in the MVP Build Phase II, focused on building a prototype product to bring to market while aggregating a pipeline of co-creation partners.

Trucking fleet executives want to understand and navigate potentially damaging cyber incidents better. ShieldsUp can help them respond to service disruptions and lessen the financial and reputational impacts of these harmful cyber-attacks.

Our client has been increasing their expertise in the cyber threat management space. ShieldsUp is well positioned to leverage that category of experience and market credibility to offer a new service concept solution for cyber-related threats.

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