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Building a Functional Prototype that Raised Over $2.M for FanBread

The Client

FanBread was an exclusive content and revenue platform for social influencers to generate revenue through monetized content.

The startup aimed to disrupt conventional media branding through tech solutions allowing more efficient social content creation, distribution, and monetization methods.

The FanBread platform was used by 20+ high-profile media brands and celebrity clients such as Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson.

The Challenge

Fanbread turned to Rootstrap to develop a functional prototype and product backlog for future development purposes.

The founder wanted to create a roadmap to help FanBread launch, grow, and plan an exit strategy for the startup.

The main objective was to create platform features for YouTube creators to build their audience and brands via their channels.

FanBread YouTube Creators

The Solution

Rootstrap utilized a detailed product backlog to build an MVP in preparation for the client’s full launch to achieve these goals. They achieved this by:

  • Utilizing Roadmapping to help define the product from beginning to end.
  • Creating a story mapping process to improve the client's technical knowledge.
  • Using the Discovery Process to help display what is technically achievable to the client.
  • Using a responsive design approach to create a product that translates across devices.

“Through Rootstrap’s Roadmapping, I was able to identify Fanbread's key product features and explore potential roadblocks before building. At the end of the one-month process, I had mocks, user stories, and the core building blocks to develop with confidence."

Karl House
Founder, FanBread

The Result

FanBread raised nearly $2.5M from investors and grew its influencer base with weekly content that reached up to 200 million people.

As a result, FanBread was acquired by a significant global video ad-serving network, successfully achieving the exit strategy for which they enlisted Rootstrap’s services.

FanBread Website and Mobile App

“The Rootstrap team really came through for me. As a first-time entrepreneur, one of my biggest challenges was taking the ideas floating around my head and translating them into an actual product."

Karl House
Founder, FanBread

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