Essential Home Furnishing Retailer

Software Development


The client's signature achievement is democratizing the home furnishing space via mass market, self-fabricated items sold directly to consumers.

The Challenge

The essential home furnishing retailer has built a reputation for affordability and practicality, making it the go-to for families and individuals around the world.

The challenge from a business perspective is this inevitably means revenue is left on the table by not appealing to more holistic home improvement needs beyond individual items.

The Solution

An MVP user research tool for the retailer to gather data around how a customer might undertake a home improvement project and whether they would embark on the process if it were made transparent with both planning and financing guidance through an easy-to-follow interactive questionnaire.

Key Technologies Used

The Rootstrap team utilized the following tech stack:

  • React.JS
  • Node.JS

The Result 

The MVP is now live with a core set of the retailer's existing customer base, allowing them to gather vital user research about remodeling home improvement projects and how their customer base relates to the retailer as part of that process.

The customer sample is engaging with and providing feedback on the interactive questionnaire along with the application's step-by-step guide in terms of how well it meets their needs and ease of use.

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