Mobile Development

Sample Apps to Connect IoT Devices & Hardware to Mobile Via Bluetooth

The Client

Universal Electronics Inc. is one of the biggest providers of electronic parts for devices like remote controls, IoT devices, and home sensors in the United States.

Daikin, a Japanese multinational air conditioning manufacturer, is a global leader in the industry and provides HVAC&R, fluorochemical, and filtration products powered by unlimited human potential.


Daikin teamed up with Universal Electronics Inc to develop custom hardware to control and update a new HVAC product.

Rootstrap was brought on board to provide expertise in connecting all new IoT devices and hardware to mobile devices via Bluetooth and other technologies by achieving the following objectives:

  • Build an MVP scope aligned in 11-16 weeks
  • Develop a roadmap for the product release by requested launch date
  • Produce an accurate estimate of project cost deliverables and specifications

The Process


Proof of Concept (engineering app) for BLE connection of mobile devices & IoT-enabled HVAC systems

The first stages of our engagement included programming and close collaboration with the UEI team working with the Bluetooth low energy component (BLE).

Rootstrap and UEI would ensure the component for Daikin could send commands and that the firmware was properly upgraded. Based on the concept app that Rootstrap created, 3rd party providers will be able to create new apps using Rootstrap's model as a technical foundation.


Commercialization of IoT Controller App

The project's next phase focused on the commercialization of the BLE-based controller application.

This stage included product strategy, user interface & user experience design, frontend software development for iOS and Android, and backend software development.

The Result

Using Rootstrap’s app as a base, Daikin was able to build the ‘Daikin Mobile Controller App.’

The Mobile Controller App allows product owners to remotely and smartly control their Daikin air conditioners from anywhere at any time.

The app is also compatible with multiple Daikin’s wall-mounted air conditioner units and features an ‘out of home’ functionality allowing product owners to control their compatible units on the go.

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