Business News Outlet

Mobile App Development

Increasing Paid Subscriptions for a Business News Outlet

The Client

Our client is a globally recognized business news outlet that provides reporting and insights on economics, business, finance, markets, and technology. 

By combining business perspectives and user experience, the client works to build a more connected world with its global audience. 

The client provides a messenger experience for its audience to interact with the show and start new conversations.

The Challenge

The client came to Rootstrap to develop an Android version of its existing iOS application. The desired outcome was to improve its paid subscriber numbers significantly.

Our client wanted to drive engagement by merging its web platform, i.e., traditional news and written content, with user experiences and community interaction. The client had an ambitious release deadline, and the project needed to go straight to delivery.

The Solution

Merge and clone the existing iOS app with performance, simplicity, and scaling capabilities for future maintenance. Assess the full scope of the project based on existing iOS app & development objectives.

Utilize Kotlin as a programming language and Android Studio as the integrated development environment. Align on the aggressive development schedule using a detailed backlog and workflow for client collaboration.

Android Mobile Architecture

Implement code handling using MVC Design Pattern to allow for rapid development. Use MVC to maintain a service layer for all network-related activities and change requirements for new features.

Key Technologies Used:

  • Android Native - Libraries
  • Scribejava -Social login
  • Retrofit2 - API connection
  • Google firebase - Crashlytics
  • Fresco & Glide - Display images
  • OneSignal - Notification management
  • Google Play Billingclient - App billing
  • JodaTime & Prettytime - Manage dates
  • Airbnb deep link dispatch - Deep link processing

The Result

The successful launch of an iOS-modeled Android news app meeting our client's App Store release deadline ahead of schedule.

Our developer's seamless merge of written content and user experiences quickly produced high growth in the client's community interactions.

The high-performing Android app and community growth significantly improved our client's paid subscriber numbers, successfully achieving its primary goal. 

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