American Record Label

Web Development


The client is a music entertainment company, one of the premier and time-honored record labels representing the top artists in R&B, Pop, Rock, and Electronic.

The Challenge

In an increasingly competitive musical industry, attention is everything. It is not enough to simply achieve radio plays, concert attendance, and record sales - today's listener is discerning, and the timeframes of relevance for artists are dramatically condensed.

Through a series of micro-projects, we aimed to build digital assets for Musical Artists to induce netizen enthusiasm, driving those artists to new levels of fan engagement and virality.

The Solution

Each artist has a unique brand persona that needs to be matched by their individualized site, ranging from immersive retro ecosystems to moody noire environments, yet connected thematically to the overarching record label's core identity.

Key Technologies Used:
  • WordPress
  • Desman
  • FastTrack

The Result 

These artists' micro-projects have seen engagement by millions of eyeballs, as the American Record Label has enabled themselves and their represented talent to remain at the forefront of the industry through a contemporary multimedia & multi-platform strategy.

We continue to work across the board, capturing an appropriate digital representation of each of their unique artist's brands.

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