How Rootstrap Helped Merry Jane Develop a High-End Cannabis-Focused Digital Media Platform

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Founded by Snoop Dogg, Merry Jane is a cannabis-centered platform featuring editorials about the industry, notable research, education about its medical properties, and more to shine a positive light on the world of cannabis.


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Because Merry Jane’s major value add was in showing cannabis products and store locations, which would commonly be searched for on mobile, the website needed to have a strong mobile presence that would draw attention to the main platform.

A unique issue the Merry Jane team faced was their revenue model. Because of the ambiguous regulations surrounding cannabis and the fact that Google and Bing both don’t allow cannabis ads, the Merry Jane team would have to build their advertising network from the ground-up.


To monetize the site, Rootstrap supported Merry Jane in establishing their own ad network, identifying the only cannabis-specific network in the space and building relationships there. Being able to utilize a network -- versus selling ads through individual brands -- streamlined their processes and brought in more revenue for Merry Jane.

While Rootstrap was engaged primarily to develop the technology, the team also was involved in some content creation and strategizing. Rootstrap’s Uruguayan office proved to be of unique value to Merry Jane, as Uruguay was the first country to fully legalize marijuana.

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Merry Jane established itself as an authority in the cannabis space, receiving more than 650,000 visits per month to the website.

The mobile-friendly design made it easy for users to find products and dispensaries in their area no matter where they are.

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