How Rootstrap Helped Merry Jane Develop A High-End Cannabis Focused Digital Media Platform


Build the backend and frontend of the platform

Develop iOS app and support Android development

Create a sustainable revenue model

A unique issue the Merry Jane team faced was their revenue model. Because of the ambiguous regulations surrounding cannabis and the fact that Google and Bing both don’t allow cannabis ads, the Merry Jane team would have to build their advertising network from the ground-up.


Much of the team’s energy was spent on the mobile platform, which both Merry Jane and Rootstrap agreed to be the most valuable. The iOS mobile website was designed by the Rootstrap team first, then adapted to Android by an outside developer.


Rootstrap developed a custom e-commerce platform, and both frontend and backend support for all other content on the site.

The Process:
The Results

Instead of trying to aggregate articles from other websites, Merry Jane chose to produce original content. This became a huge selling point and traffic driver, especially due to the company’s celebrity tie-ins.

Merry Jane established itself as an authority in the cannabis space, receiving more than 650,000 visits per month to the website.

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