How Rootstrap Helped MasterClass Build New Features And Double Their Revenue

Objectives/App Overview

Bolster MasterClass team to scale faster

MASTERCLASS was struggling to find local, high-quality talent in one specific programming language for their frontend, ReactJS. As this language was common for other major companies in the Bay Area, it was hard to recruit capable coders who weren’t already working at another large organization.

Develop backend & frontend functions and SEO initiative

Without this language, their forward motion was bottlenecked. They were bringing in new users and new celebrities to teach classes, but couldn’t capitalize on all of this growth with new features and functionalities. Their small in-house team couldn’t develop quick enough to keep pace.

Fortunately, they realized they didn’t need to do everything in-house to reach their goal of 1M active users. That’s when they found Rootstrap.

One of Rootstrap’s top developers was hired to support the MasterClass team. He brought with him Rootstrap’s quality standards and processes.

Within a few weeks of working with MasterClass, he identified dozens of opportunities for improvement within the current MasterClass website and even started coaching MasterClass’s developers on how to write better code.


From an SEO perspective, the execution speed is brilliant and the code quality is solid. That helped us build up our SEO initiative from the ground up, making it a major organic channel for us.


VP of Engineering

MasterClass hired two more Rootstrap developers, who made such a substantial transformation to the quality of the frontend code that they were asked to work on the backend as well.

As MasterClass brought on more Rootstrap developers, they were able to scale quicker and test new features to best maximize their revenue.

Overall, the quality is fantastic. The engineering team is very dedicated. They’ve essentially become part of our coding and development team.


VP of Engineering

Masterclass went from a burgeoning early stage startup to a massive online education empire. Starting with just a handful of developers, Rootstrap scaled up to over 15 engineers working on MasterClass’ internal projects. This was so successful that they eventually asked Rootstrap to vet MasterClass’ in-house developers as well.

They have the same level of care and ownership of the product as our team.


VP of Engineering



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