How Rootstrap Helped Generis create an App that provides personalized, DNA-based recommendations



Generis is the industry-pioneering mobile-first solution that brings together DNA data with ongoing lifestyle plans to help users meet their goals through truly personalized solutions.


Objective 01:
Take users through an onboarding process which gathers their basic information and health goals.
Objective 02:
Develop software to identify key genetic markers that impact user health.
Objective 03:
Offer individualized recommendations for food, exercise, and supplements based on both their onboarding questionnaire and DNA test.

Rootstrap was not tasked initially to perform any DNA data analysis but to build an app that would onboard users and present them with personalized recommendations. However, the project hit an obstacle when the original DNA imputation process had to be scaled.


The goal was to allow users to upload their DNA file, which would then be analyzed to provide DNA-based recommendations. The three sets of recommendations (supplements, diet, exercise) not only had to work with one another, but also align with what the user was hoping to achieve. 


Most importantly, all of the recommendations and specifics available to the user had to make sense to someone who may or may not be interested in the details behind the genetics.

The Process:
The Process -- phase 01:
  • Integrating the DNA software with the technical components and optimizing the back end architecture.
  • Through the Generis team, Rootstrap partnered with a PhD in Bioinformatics and was able to successfully integrate the DNA imputation software with the technical components of the Generis app. As part of the optimization of the back end architecture, a Rootstrap engineer learned R, a statistical programming language to make adjustments to the process flow.
The Process -- phase 02:
  • In partnership with the Generis Chief Science Partner and PhD in Human Genetics, Rootstrap built a complex algorithm to allow Generis to provide a high level food and activity plan, in addition to the individual reports based on genetic markers.
The Process -- phase 03:
  • This is a differentiator for Generis, who believes that taking a consumer driven approach to genetics is key to the mission of the company, which is to help users improve their lives by understanding more about their genes.
The Results

Generis is exploring multiple ways to monetize.

The current model used by competitors is a 1-time DNA based transaction, while Generis is currently evaluating a subscription model that will provide support and new content additions, aimed at helping users achieve their goals.

In addition, Generis sells the recommended supplements through an agreement with Thorne, one of the leading supplement companies in the U.S.

Rootstrap continues to provide ongoing support as Generis grows and evolves.

To make sure Generis Succeeds, Rootstrap has analyzed tracking data to identify opportunities to improve the main flows, and prioritize optimization initiatives throughout the entire user journey.

Generis has over 3,000 downloads and has been able to successfully convert users to its PREMIUM DNA based offering. 

Retention for those premium users is above industry averages, with optimizations underway with learnings from the MVP.

The recommendations users receive are easy to understand, offering not only the genetic marker but specific steps the user should take in response.

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