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Roadmapping helps you ask and answer the important questions before writing a line of code: we validate your idea, define your core value proposition and feature, and create a clickable prototype and a development prototype. After a Rootstrap roadmapping session, you’ll have the knowledge of a market-validated product idea – and everything you need to move into developing at full scale.

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Agile and Lean Startup methodologies are the driving force behind our development studios. The result is an iterative design process that stays focused on your users, leaving you free of unnecessary features or ballooning costs. Our highly-trained, cross-functional team of designers & engineers will get you ready to adapt easily and quickly to the unpredictability of our fast-paced culture, and help your product evolve just as fast as your users do.

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The future of digital products lies beyond the screen – and if you’ve got dreams on how to create that future in the present, we’re excited to help you make them real. Our AR chops are top-of-the-line, and we’ve designed AR-enabled apps for some of the biggest in the biz. Our AR work ranges from developing an AR game for the Geekie Awards to revamping the LA Public Library with fully interactive exhibits – and we even built an AR app for Size Records, the label run by Swedish House Mafia’s Steve Angello.

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Bumpy Riders

Unlock new Characters by completing missions and collecting coins! Dodge enemies and tilt your device to stay on your journey. Rule the leaderboard and compete with your friends to see who can get the furthest ride.

450.000 Impressions

2.500 Weekly Actives


Pocket Buddy

Got a thing for plants, aliens, candy, and stuff that sparkles? Then you'll love Pocket Buddy, your own personal plant… in your pocket. Cash out and sell your buds. Grow, take care and harvest from a wide variety of rare seeds.

1M+ Impressions

6.000 Weekly Actives

156.000+ Downloads


Swipe Warrior

Get ready and swipe, swipe, swipe!
Unlock new characters by completing missions. Rule the leaderboard, compete with your friends, and see who can be the best Swipe Warrior.

1M+ Impressions

6.000 Weekly Actives

170.000+ Downloads

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Honestly can't stop playing.

Addictive af. Can't stop til I get that Death Star.

by Lemon Demon | Oct 19, 2016
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Addicting & Fun

This game is incredible! Love the artwork and little characters. Could play for hours on end. Great job look forward to updates!

by KevinDoan123 | Jan 25, 2017
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Great game, very original 5

Very fun game! Will help you improve your memory, and when you lose is really fun to watch him get hit with stuff.

by Upo04 | Mar 3, 2017


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