The more established you are as an organization, the harder it is to maintain a lean startup mentality, but that’s exactly what Rootstrap helps you achieve.

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You’ve got a reputation to uphold, but you also need to get to market fast.

Internal resources are stretched too thin, group brainstorms are making your eyes glaze over, and you’re tired of waiting for the “solution” to arrive. You need to know if what you have will even work, and you can’t afford to waste any more time or energy on another dead end. We help you think small, develop Agile, and validate your idea in weeks - not months.

Step 1

Build an Ecosystem For Your Product

You may already have a solid foundation, but that doesn’t mean we can’t identify new areas of opportunity.

Step 2

Stay In Tune With Your Customers

Surprise your loyal fans and bring new ones into the fold by talking to real people and conducting in-depth user testing.

Step 3

Challenge Your Core Concepts With Limited Risk

Designer dollars are much cheaper than development dollars. We help you test your ideas from all angles before moving to the next level.

Step 4

Avoid Bureaucracy, Stay Agile, and Pivot Fast

Think small, fail fast, and learn to pivot even faster. By working in Agile sprints, everything is on the table, and nothing is left to chance.

Step 5

Bring a Solid MVP To Your In-House Teams

As an offshore extension of your staff, we’ll handle rapid prototyping while your teams stay focused on what they do best.

Step 6

Develop an Efficient, Repeatable Process

This isn’t your first go round, and it won’t be the last. That’s why Rootstrap ensures you’ll have a blueprint for future success with your next product or iteration.

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