DevOps: Ready to Transform Your Business With Continuous Delivery?

Accelerate and transform your business with comprehensive DevOps services from Rootstrap. We provide end-to-end solutions to attain higher quality code standards, faster delivery, automation, efficiency, and innovation. 

What is DevOps? 


Dev Plus Ops



Ensure Application Availability

Manage Application Performance

Manage Application Performance
Ensure Application Availability

It’s the Dev teams responsibility to manage the applicactions performance. They use APM tools to have complete visibility into code.

It’s the Ops teams responsibility to ensure uptime and SLAS are in order.

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Track End User Analytics

Track End User Analytics

Manage Performance

End-user analytics are used to better understand and serve users. Developers constantly track end-user analytics through browsers and devices.

Traditional ops generally carefully manages infrastructure metrics - CPU, memory, network and disk l/O etc while modern Ops correlate all of those metrics with application metrics to solve problems much faster.

Deploy High Quality Code

Track End User Complaints

Developers carefully deploy code while ensuring new releases don’t degrade performance.

The real goal of the Ops team is to fix problems before end users complain. They aim to reduce the overall number of support tickets.

Find Code-Level Errors Quickly

Observe Performance Analytics

The opportunity of finding the root cause of errors quickly results in a higher quality end product. 

Generated metric baselines help Ops understand what has changed and where to focus their troubleshooting efforts.

DevOps allows for an overwhelmingly high functioning and autonomous process of software delivery. 

The practice of DevOps is a combination of philosophies and tools that allows for an organization's ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity.

DevOps brings development, operations, and business teams together to drive transformation, agility, innovation, and business value.  

Traditional software development practices no longer provide the fastest improvement in digital products. 

With the ever-changing world of tech, it’s essential to evolve. 

The DevOps team at Rootstrap is here to help you transform your business for the better.

Our DevOps Services

Vision and Goals

Rootstrap’s DevOps team offers a well-defined service that meets the short-medium and long term needs of our customers. Before building a custom solution to address your business needs, we hand-pick a team of experts that best fit your organization. We are strategic partners who aim to strengthen your team and grow your business.

Assessment: We connect with your organization and analyze your culture, process, technology to best define how to incorporate DevOps. 

Strategy: We don’t do one-size-fits-all solutions. We strategize with our clients to give the best possible recommendations. We help you discover the benefits of technology advances that drive continuous delivery.  

Implementation: Rootstrap can implement and run the tools necessary for supporting Continuous Delivery. We will work with you to reach your goals of providing quality services. 

Continuous Management: Even after your digital product launches, we will monitor the backend to ensure it’s efficiency. 

Complementary capabilities: We provide additional capabilities and go beyond standard DevOps to deliver immediate solutions, including: 

  • Agile: Iterative and incremental development
  • Cloud: Workload management on demand
  • Lightweight architecture: Quick set up and efficient operations
  • Security: We are experienced with HIPAA, Security, Penetration Testing (White-hat hacking), Automated Security Scans.
  • Testing: Automated test techniques
  • Server/System/Database Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Back-Up Management & Disaster Recovery
  • Cost Optimization
  • Real-Time Dashboard Management
  • Activity Monitoring (Business Risk)

Benefits with DevOps

High-performing teams deploy code more frequently and have much faster lead times.

DevOps teams make changes with fewer failures, and recover faster from failures.

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3x lower change failure rate

24x faster recovery from failures

200x more frequent deployments

2,555x shorter lead times

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High-performing teams

spend less time fixing security issues.

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It's vital to address security issues at every stage of the software development and delivery cycle, instead of leaving security screenings till the end.

Less time spent 

amending security issues

Partnering with our clients to implement our DevOps approach, allows us to provide:

Faster deployment:

Increased code delivery times resulting in increased value for clients in shorter time frames. Provides faster time-to-market. 

Fewer failures:

Automation reduces the need for manual logins which leaves less room for error. 

Faster problem-solving abilities due to automated testing at every stage. 

Improved product quality:

Increase collaboration and communication across teams.

Increased end-user satisfaction. 

Improves innovation:

Continuous integration and product releases.

Minimize Cost:

Add extra value by implementing best practices that maximize availability, performance, and security automation while minimizing the cost of ownership for our solutions

Avoid Failure 

Graph avoid failure

Gartner reported that by 2023, 90% of DevOps initiatives will fail to fully meet expectations. Organic transformation can take years and easily cause confusion, frustration, and disappointment.

Avoid failure by incorporating an experienced DevOps team that will help your team cut through complexity. 





DevOps Tools We Use 

DevOps Tools Ecosystem

Why Rootstrap?

Rootstrap’s collaborative and well-balanced team of experts can handle the most demanding requirements and help you create the product you envision. Our DevOps team will become your true business partner helping you find solutions every step of the way.


We have complete expertise in automation tools and infrastructure creation. We focus on business objectives and organizations’ needs while making sure we completely understand and serve your target market. We understand the importance of security, you can trust us to safeguard your app against data breaches by incorporating our robust security approaches.

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