Breakthrough App: How Rootstrap Digitized Tony Robbins’ Coaching Empire

  • clients

    Tony Robbins

  • duration

    13 weeks

the client

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is the nation’s #1 life and business coach — a household name for over 4 million people that have attended his live sessions and countless millions that get his coaching sent directly to them. After building a coaching empire through books, pamphlets, and CDs, Tony Robbins came to us to bring his content platform into the 21st century.

We designed a
and beautiful mobile
content distribution system that
helped Tony develop his app the right way, eventually producing a complete return on investment in less
than 30 days.

Our Task: Modernize Tony Robbins’ Coaching Empire Without Sacrificing Brand Equity.

the highlights


the challenge

Modernize the product without sacrificing brand equity while simultaneously branching out into new demographics.


the technology

Front-end: Swift and Android Native App Back-end: Ruby on Rails


the impact

Revolutionized Tony’s content delivery system and created a way for people to get coaching right from their pocket.


the solution

A rich new digital experience that gives Tony’s followers a new way to access his coaching expertise and library of content.


the stats

Roadmapped for 20k…
Recouped in 13 weeks.


the press

Think you have a millon dollar app idea? These guys will be the judges.

During the first week of Tony’s roadmapping session, we brainstormed ways to turn his old content platform into a mobile-first system that gives users the ability to access his coaching anywhere.

the process

The Beginning

Looking forward, we identified the key problems we would go on to solve through the design of Tony’s first mobile app.

  • Tony’s first digital property
  • Platform Agnostic
  • Large scale adoption
  • Mobile distribution
  • UX optimization
  • Engage a new demographic
  • Backlog and Design

After defining the idea, we used detailed user stories and market research to create an
in-depth product backlog. Next, we used the backlog to create mid-fidelity wireframes for extensive UX testing and refinement.

roadmapping output


approaching development the right way

After just three weeks of roadmapping, we created a development-ready clickable prototype to collect customer feedback, test the product-market fit, and challenge our initial assumptions. Using those materials, we were able to approach development the right way, building a lean v1.0 that let us further test our assumptions and refine the product iteratively until reaching the final incarnation.


migrating tony robbins’ coaching empire

We successfully migrated Tony Robbins’ vast coaching empire from books, pamphlets, and CDs to a 21st-century mobile content platform that would generate continued interest from existing followers while also branching out into new user demographics. Thanks to roadmapping, Tony was able to develop his product efficiently, get it to market faster, and recoup his investment in a month.

Breakthrough App — the app that
resulted from Tony’s initial Rootstrap session — gives its users unlimited,
on-demand access to the proven strategies that have made Tony Robbins the most successful life & business coach in the world.

In 13 weeks,
Tony recouped his investment and
built an app that continues to engage a worldwide
userbase through
his gamified,
content library.

Listen to what Tony had to say about his experience

Truly spectacular... I'm totally impressed with not only the design but the development that went into this.

Tony Robbins

Founder, Robbins Research Institute