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You’ve Got A Great Idea….Now What?

sc-1-300x200Maybe your great idea is scribbled on a wadded up cocktail napkin or maybe it’s something you’ve been piecing together in your head for the last decade. Whatever form its inception took, it’s the idea that gets your blood pumping and you just can’t shake it, no matter how far fetched it may seem. Our clients tell us the primary reason they haven’t developed their idea further is that they simply don’t know how to go about it.

5-300x199.jpgAt Rootstrap, we love ideas. We love concept development, research, data, creatives, and building products but one of the areas that holds a special place for us is helping people get their big idea out into the world.  We were so inspired by connecting people with the steps to getting their idea in motion that we created Project Story Carding.

Story Carding breaks your project down into specific, manageable steps, which enables a development team to make quick progress on your project while you remain part of each step.  It’s your idea and you should be involved all the way. The story carding process creates your blueprint for how your product will be developed.  It gives you the time frame, the bare essential specs for your minimum viable product (MVP), and your UX guide for a great first design and iterative road map on future releases.

With Project Story Carding, our focus is on getting a complete overview of the project and the action steps needed to turn your idea into a reality.  Story Carding with Rootstrap involves three days of intensive discussion to get a complete understanding of your concept and equip you with the right tools so you can get your project on the fast track. The result of this three day summit is a clear and concise road map, custom wireframes designed by our UX team, and a complete list of defined user stories, and it’s all already loaded into a project management system that you take with you.  Now that you have a detailed plan on how to send your idea from the whiteboard to launch, you’re free to utilize our custom design and development shop, or use the story carding results to shop around with other digital agencies. Our main objective is to see your idea take shape.

If you have an idea that you’ve always wanted to take to the next step, drop us a line and find out if Project Story Carding is your next step.