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WordPress Is Uniting America

The race for the White house is in full swing, and voters are watching the calendar creep closer to November as Election Day approaches. The choice in America has never been more polarizing, as the war for the presidency has divided a nation between left and right. And amidst the social divide between liberal and conservative, one common theme unites America in this time of division: Everybody loves WordPress!

Whether you’re fighting for the Republicans or the Democrats, one thing is prevalent to almost every political campaign—a WordPress site for the candidate. From Senate races to city council spots, political hopefuls from all platforms are turning to WordPress because of its simplicity, (lack of) cost, and speed.

win-with-wp.jpgAutomattic, which powers, recently released an infographic showing that 35% of congressional races, 40% of senate races, 44% of gubernatorial races, and 41% of state political parties rely on the WordPress platform.

Peter Slutsky from Automattic commented on the nation uniting web platform by saying, “[WordPress] allows politicians and candidates a beautiful, fully integrated website that has all of the backbone you need for politics — social features, mailing list signups, voter contact tools. Politicians are coming to WordPress because it’s incredibly easy to use, it’s very flexible, it’s free, it’s open-source and it’s a language that a lot of people speak. As more technologists are coming into politics, they’re using the most intuitive tools — and that’s WordPress.”

Building websites with WordPress is easy, and all of their information is open source. Plus, because of WordPress’ fervent following, there’s loads of support materials available to help a WordPress web developer in a bind.

There’s no shame in taking the easy way out, as WordPress clearly demonstrates. And in these divided times, it’s nice to know we can all agree on something.

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