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What Does 2016 Hold For The iPhone Developer?

Apple is king when it comes to the demand for mobile apps. Every major development shop, including ours, has a specialized iPhone developer who has targeted skills in building apps for the world’s most popular platform. Year after year, apps created for the iPhone outsell apps created for all other platforms combined (and by a wide margin).

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2016 is going to a see a shift. Maybe not a huge one, maybe not an Earth-shattering one, but a shift nonetheless. A recent report out of Morgan Stanley suggests that for the first time iPhone sales may actually drop in 2016. They claim, “higher prices in international markets (ex-China) and maturing smartphone penetration in developed markets weighs on upgrades and new user growth.” So a slight drop in sales for one of the world’s most profitable companies might not have the largest impact but it could have an effect on the iPhone developer tasked with creating software for the device – because Apple wants to come out stronger than ever in 2016.

Most don’t expect the iPhone 7 to hit shelves until mid-September, but there’s been a lot of speculation around new features that should get iPhone developers excited. Never ones to gossip, we don’t mind speculating about what these new features could mean for mobile app development.

Beyond an increase in speed for the A10 processor and a major upgrade in RAM, the really exciting stuff are the new interface features. Apple’s been testing multi-touch sensitive displays, fingerprint readers, and dual camera systems.

We know that Apple is also working on scalable 3D tech, which could really revolutionize the way we interact with applications. Expanding upon existing features in the current iPhones, Apple is actually encouraging iPhone developers to start building apps using 3D Touch with that idea that the program will be expanding next year. Right now developers haven’t exactly utilized 3D Touch to its fullest, leaving it to be a feature without much functionality. 2016 could be the year that the iPhone developer can really exploit this feature to its fullest potential. Apple certainly hopes so.

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