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Welcome to the Wave House

At Neon Roots, we have an interesting take on what makes a good “office.” The word “office” automatically makes you think cramped, boring, lazy, and mundane. As far as I’m concerned, the use of any of these words at Neon Roots constitutes a mouth soap-washing.

This is the Wave House—a beautiful 4,000+ sq. feet contemporary house in the heart of Los Angeles that acts as a creative studio for all of Neon Roots’ LA team. As soon as you walk in, the warm, open greeting for clients and employees alike instantly promotes creativity and comfort.

The philosophy of the Wave House is pretty simple: a creative and comfortable environment will breed creative and polished work.

Wrapping Our Walls with Waves360


Our newest addition to the Wave House was the massive interior wall-wrapping done by the amazing Walls360 crew. The design fits right in with the location and theme of the house—Walls360 creative director Craig Holden Feinberg really knocked it out of the park with the #NeonWaveHouse themed design. As soon as you walk up the stairs to the second level workspace, you are immersed in complete coverage of the #NeonWaveHouse mural that decorates the second story.

As the second story of the Wave House serves as the primary workspace for the team, the Walls360 wall-wrap really pops and creates a unique space to spend lots of time in. There’s nothing quite like having a unique art piece that stretches the entire interior of your “office.”

The underwater theme really goes with the Los Angeles vibe and creates a lasting impression for anyone that sees it on their way to Ben’s office or the conference room for a meeting, as well as team members coming to the Wave House for the first time and seeing the deep passion for the brand that everyone has at Neon Roots.

Go Inside: Get to Know the Layout

The Los Angeles location serves as a hub for all of the Neon Roots team to meet and work on projects in an open and comfortable environment.

The house is really broken up into three main stories: 1st floor for two working tables, the lounge, the pool, the barbecue area, the kitchen, and the first bathroom (primarily for employees), 2nd floor which is the main workspace housing tons of convenient desk space, a lounge area, and the upstairs bathroom for clients, and the 3rd floor serving as Ben’s office including a lounge with TV and couch, an amazing view of the skyline, and yes, a sauna.

Definitely Not a Traditional Office

It’s really hard to think of this place as any sort of office, and it’s not. This place is more like a second home for both the local team members that frequent the Wave House and remote employees that only make the trip a limited number of times per year. You’re never forced to work in the same place twice, and there’s almost always at least one person working on each floor of the house.

The glory of this very relaxed layout is the extreme versatility. The house provides the ability to both create a space of tight collaboration with all of the team members in the same room at the same table as well as separate into small groups throughout the house to minimize distractions and focus on isolated projects.

1st Floor


The first floor sets the tone for the entire house. The front door leads straight into the massive lounge that looks out over the pool and connects two workspaces on either side. It’s really just about working comfortably: sometimes you just need a place to sit down and make a phone call while snacking on something from the kitchen.

There’s always something going down on the first floor. Whether we’re doing an apparel line launch photoshoot with social media influencers, or Franky (head of product at Neon Roots) is working at his favorite breakfast table, the first floor provides a super open space for basically anything we want to set up.

During the holidays, we even threw up a massive screen in the living room so the team could get together for some good-old-fashioned family movie bonding. This space is vital to the Wave House for its versatility to serve as a workspace, entertainment space, and content production space for whatever the team wants to put together.

2nd Floor


The second story is really where the magic happens—most of our design and dev work is done up here. This layout really reflects what we try to promote working on fully distributed teams. We have locations in New York, Uruguay, and of course in Los Angeles, and by emphasizing team communication, everything works seamlessly.

With a fully distributed team all across the globe, there’s a major emphasis on collaboration and remote communication. By creating this open workbench and desk setup with lounge and seating to the right, everyone is always working together and is never more than a staircase away. The second floor is also home to the conference room and massive client bathroom.

The second and third floors both boast a similar view of the beautiful West Hollywood skyline. It’s really impossible to get bored working at the Wave House due to the freedom of being able to frequently change scenery and avoid any monotony. As far as workplaces go, it’s pretty cool to be able to go from working at a desk surrounded by one-of-a-kind art overlooking the city to working at the kitchen island bar drinking coffee with just one flight of stairs.

3rd Floor


The third floor is primarily the office of Neon Roots Cofounder and CEO, Ben Lee. After walking up the stairs from the second floor, the next level boasts a small lounge and TV area followed by Ben’s desk and complete open view of the massive first floor and backyard.

The layout of the floors really makes a lot of sense for a company relying on creativity and collaboration like Neon Roots—everyone can still be extremely close together despite the fact that they may be working on completely different projects. By keeping everyone in the same space, collaboration happens naturally without needing to think about it.

Want to See it in Person?

The true character of the Wave House and the team members inside is definitely felt better in person. Want to see what it’s really like inside the Wave House? Learn more by signing up for a Rootstrap session.



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