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The Weekly Wandery Talks To Ben Lee About Building Better Apps In Montevideo

Jessie Cooper has been traveling the world throughout the year and chronicling her adventures in The Weekly Wandery podcast. According to Cooper, “Now more than ever it’s possible to work from anywhere as long as you have a laptop and internet connection. Curious how someone can live, work and wander around the world for the next year?”

The Weekly Wandery podcast shares Jessie’s “whereabouts, workspaces and all things related to taking a remote year” and took her to faraway places like Prague in the Czech Republic, Istanbul in Turkey, Sydney in Australia, Kyoto in Japan, and many others.

Her travels also took her to our second home in Montevideo, Uruguay. It was there she met up with our very own CEO Ben Lee to have a conversation about how the gorgeous South American city has become a booming hotspot for startups and how Neon Roots is helping turn ideas into success stories.

You can hear their entire half hour conversation on Episode 43 of The Weekly Wandery appropriately titled MONTEVIDEO MOVIN’ & SHAKIN’.

We’ve also gone in-depth on Montevideo’s place in mobile app development in previous posts like Friends In Warm Places: Outsourcing Mobile App Development. So be sure to check that out, too!


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