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Top Wearable Tech From SXSW Interactive 2014

Last week we were discussing one of the biggest tech news stories to come out of SXSW Interactive – embeddables.   The prospects of embeddables are incredibly exciting, but as far as mass-produced products go, they are still a way from being available.  In the meantime, SXSW Interactive also showcased the latest and greatest developments in the world of wearable tech.  The innovation on display in Austin is enough to get any Los Angeles mobile developer wound up.  Here are some of the more noteworthy wearable tech products to come out of the fest.

Skully Helmets

Wearable tech can be more than just cool, it can change lives or sometimes save them.  That’s what the bright minds at Skully Helmets hope to do as they try to produce “the safest motorcycle helmet on the face of the planet.”  They’re getting close, and SXSW rewarded them for their efforts with the top prize in the wearable tech category during their start-up competition.  The augmented reality helmet is equipped with a rear-view camera that projects images onto a headset display, giving the rider a clear view in every direction without ever turning their head.  Skully Helmets’ innovative products hold future applications for bicyclists and military use as well.

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Nymi by Bionym is helping imagine a world where the need for passwords on our mobile devices is obsolete.  They’ve developed a wristband fitness tracker that confirms the user’s identity by measuring their cardiac rhythm.

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Fashion Discovery Labs

This San Francisco-based group have developed an app that lets you instantly buy any garment you find on the street using Google Glass.

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June Bracelet

The June bracelet by Netatmo is going to make sure that wearers are protected from potentially dangerous sun damage by measuring exposure and recommending how to protect your skin.

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These are just of few of the innovative products that will likely find their way into the marketplace soon.  If you want to know what Los Angeles web developers, Neon Roots, are up to in the world of mobile, you can visit us on Facebook or follow us on twitter.

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